Sunday, April 24, 2005
Whatever happened to MC Skat Cat?
People ask me what I think about American Idol and to be honest I haven't seen an episode since the season one finale. I only watched it because I had somehow been made aware of that curly-haired twat who ended up losing to Kelly Clarkson. I was so terrified of that no -talent feeb winning that I watched and actually voted for Ms. Clarkson, time I'm sure I'll want back on my deathbed.
I'm no Kelly Clarkson fan, but every time I hear her inoffensive recorded pap I thank God almighty that Sideshow Idol has fallen to such a level of obscurity that I can't even remember his name. I think he gives one-dollar handies at a Greyhound station in Tempe, Arizona.
Clay Aiken sucks as well, but I wasn't aware of him until after he lost. I'm so pissed that I know who he is.


Blogger MsHellion said...

Don't feel so bad about voting for Clarkson. I am on a personal campaign to see that Bo Bice wins this year's Idol. I have never been into the show, but somehow got suckered in this time. Bo is a rocker, which is not what Idol typically produces. I want Rock 'n' Roll to win, dammit. No more Britney Spears wannabe types. No more, I tell you!

Blogger PusBoy said...

Justin Guarini rocks, dude! Just you wait, he'll be back!

Blogger Onyx said...

I'm offended that you placed him in Tempe, AZ. Couldn't you have picked someplace more appropriate, say like Mesa, AZ? Or Death Valley?

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