Thursday, July 17, 2008
Never Forget
This picture makes me physically ill. It looks like Bush is trying to faith-heal McCain at a tent revival in rural Georgia.

As the summer progresses, gas prices soar to new heights, and the economy worsens, John McCain will try to distance himself from the highly unpopular man he's calculatedly embracing in this photo. Don't fall for his shenanigans.

In 2000 John McCain and I had two things in common: An attraction to wealthy beer distribution heiresses (mine rejected me) and a deep dislike of George W. Bush. I never once flip-flopped on my "fuck George W. with a crowbar" stance, but around 2004, blind ambition got the best of McCain and he awkwardly hugged his former nemesis at the Republican National Convention (which is kind of like a tent rival with suits, actually).

My core anti-George W. values began in the early nineties. I was watching a baseball game and he was interviewed as "owner" of the Texas Rangers. He was, of course, given the Rangers by friends of his father, just as they had given him everything he ever had in life. As Dubya spoke, my entire body was filled with a rage out of place for watching a baseball game involving two teams I didn't care about. His "Connecticut Prep Schooler as Down Home Texan" routine, along with the most arrogant smirk I'd ever seen to that point, made me dislike the man immediately.

"God, this guy is a tool," I thought to myself. "At least he didn't go into politics."

So remember, America, while John McCain has changed his stance on George W. Bush (and abortion, but that's another post), I remain true to the anti-Dubya movement.


Blogger Sara said...

and all God's people said...AMEN!

Blogger lostinutah said...

Absolutely Amen!

You realize, you cursed us all by uttering that it was fortunate he never went into politics...

Blogger Ćœbermilf said...

Wait... if he'd never said that, Bush would've stayed out of politics?

I'm afraid I must kill you now, Todd.

Blogger Melliferous Pants said...

"He was, of course, given the Rangers by friends of his father, just as they had given him everything he ever had in life. "

Just like his presidency!

Blogger Tits McGee said...

This is exactly why I missed you, Todd.

Also, Pants - I just hope he wrote a nice thank you note to the Supreme Court.

Blogger Lil Sass said...

That picture is truly terrifying. Is that what the Senators look like when they're embracing a page? McCain looks a little special ed ifyouknowwhatimean

Blogger Mr Pineapples said...

Oh Gawd....why bother getting so upset about things like this?'s just not worth it.

Just live your baseball (a terrible sport...but what the heck) - eat your dinner and relax.

Honest-ta-Gawd....just relax.

Blogger Ian McGibboney said...

Bush doesn't look like he's hugging McCain so much as...catching him.

Blogger FRITZ said...

Mr. Pineapples says to relax.

Well, that kind of thinking got us into this hawt pile of shit in the first place.

McCain is a fucking vampire. I swear by this. He feeds on children from third world countries.

Probably Vietnamese children.

Blogger John said...

McBama, O'Cain.... same as it ever was. Nothing significant will change as long as you sheeple keep voting for people from the Uniparty you keep deluding yourselves into believing is actually 2 different parties. Baahhhh!!!

Blogger Lil Sass said...

BTW, it seems Mr. douchebag pineapples hacked into my blog links b/c he's leaving inane comments on all the blogs I visit. Stay on your side of the pond, limey!

Blogger Ian McGibboney said...

Yes, Barack Obama and John McCain are just alike. Exactly the same. Flip a coin. The one who calls it gets to marry your sister and give her a tax cut.

Blogger Mr Pineapples said...


Lill-ass....the pond dont exist. Aint you got the gonads enough not to be so upset about the trivial things in life.

As for "limey" - what century are you in?

Get a grip Lill-arse

Blogger John said...

Imagine my complete lack of surprise that someone like Ian still thinks there's a real difference between the two. SHOCKED I tell ya! LOL You're probably still pretty young. In time, you might come to understand that it isn't what they say during campaigns, it's what they do once in power. Bush's Dad: "Read my lips..." Then he, of course, raised those taxes. Dem Clinton cut welfare and cut capital gains taxes. Sounds pretty GOP to me. McCain has some nicely Left-of-Center ideers. Obama has slowly but surely been bringing his message back to the Center to buy some more votes from you dupes who aren't quite as "progressive" as the ones he had to dupe to win the nomination. These guys are all slight variations on the same themes once they get into office and wield actual power. But you keep right on drinking that Kool-Aid there, Ian (and other true believers). It cracks me up to see the seriousness with which some of you take this stuff, when in reality nothing truly changes but the faces and the spin.

Blogger Johnny Yen said...

WTF-- is McCain copping a feel there?

Well, okay. As long as he doesn't want to marry W.

Maybe he just was smelling some really good fabric softner!!!!

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