Wednesday, March 24, 2010
"Indian Matt" to Host MTV Movie Awards...and other news
-This is actor/comedian Aziz Ansari. I call him "Indian Matt" because he looks EXACTLY like my friend/coworker Matt, except that Matt is a white guy of unknown (at least to me) ancestry. Matt and Aziz share the same facial features, haircut, and beard; and I think Matt owns that exact same shirt/hoody combo.

I guess I could call Matt "Whitey Aziz" but I've known Matt longer than I've been aware of the existence of Mr. Ansari.

Also, Aziz was born in South Carolina so is of course a U.S. citizen, but "U.S. Citizen of Indian Descent Matt", while politically correct, is a bit tonguebersome (TM), don't you think?

-I just read on Yahoo! - my favorite exclamation-suffixed source of news -that an 84-yr-old woman is suing her 87-yr-old sister over ownership of a $500,000 winning lottery ticket. No need to fight, ladies. There's plenty of money for both of you to have extravagant funerals.

-Here's some fun news. According to a recent poll, 24 percent of Republicans think that President Obama is the anti-Christ. Repeat: Almost one in four Republicans think the president has evil magical powers and will one day engage a resurrected Jesus Christ in a fight for our eternal souls. Let that sink in for a minute.

This is obviously the Sarah Palin/Tea Party faction. In my opinion, these brain-dead delusionals are getting far too much attention. There are a lot of crazy people in this country, of all political mindsets, but if you really believe Barack Obama is the Biblical anti-Christ, you are fucknutty and deserve to be marginalized. And by "marginalized" I really mean "beaten without mercy in front of your stunned home-schooled children." God damn it, I'm tired of pretending that this isn't the dumbest society in recorded history! The old fuck who said "Keep government away from my Medicare" should be on the new five dollar bill. He's like Abe Lincoln, only he's emancipating us from rational thought and the common sense god gave a piss ant.

-Can we all agree that Dancing With the Stars is a tragic waste of the human spirit?


Blogger Laura said...

I read about the results of that poll earlier and hoped it came from Borowitz or The Onion... Nope. Fucking hell.

Blogger GT said...

A music quiz show in Britain (Never Mind the Buzzcocks) once had a judge from their version of "Dancing with the Stars" on the show as well as the host of the X Factor. They were in discussion as to whose show was better. The host (a great comedian) then stopped the discussion by saying, "We must remember, neither of them are really doing anything good for the world."

I love you when you cover so much ground.

Blogger foundinidaho said...

My cousin sent me a chain e-mail during the election saying Obama was the anti-Christ. I understand if you forbid me to ever come to your blog again. Strike one and two.

Also, I like Dancing with the Stars. Strike three, I guess.

Blogger Heather said...


Blogger Room Mom Helper said...

He's a pretty disappointing Anti-Christ.

Blogger Kirsten Dunst said...

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