Wednesday, July 30, 2008
The Bush Administration's Shameful Environmental Record
Yes, I got these facts from a liberal website (I didn't expect to find this info on Michelle Malkin's blog), but facts are facts, folks. This isn't a complete list; I just listed things that are presently dangerous to human beings. I left out the animal killing and/or destroying our future parts. The editorial comments are mine.

MAY 10, 2001

Bush administration refuses to name industry participants in Cheney energy task force
Maybe because the energy task force and the Exxon Board of Directors were one and the same?

MAY 22, 2001
EPA officially suspends stricter limits for arsenic in drinking water
Arsenic: The Real Thing.

JULY 23, 2001
Bush budget proposes cutting 270 EPA inspector jobs
Because they might have...I don't know...found something.

AUGUST 28, 2001
Bush administration reconsiders ban on recycling radioactive metals into consumer products
"Is the baby's pacifier supposed to glow in the dark?"

JANUARY 14, 2002
Report shows Interior secretary squelched her own agency's criticism of weaker wetlands rules

That's a good toady. Lick those boots, bitch!

FEBRUARY 14, 2002
Bush gives power plants ten more years to cut mercury and sulfur dioxide emissions
Is that enough time? How about twenty?

FEBRUARY 23, 2002
Bush's budget asks that taxpayers pay for Superfund cleanups instead of polluters
Did low-tax conservatives even know about this? Because this sounds like something that would have pissed them off.

MARCH 18, 2002
EPA exempts large category of power plants from lawsuits for Clean Air Act violations
Are these those "unnecessary" lawsuits we always hear about?

MAY 3, 2002
New EPA rules allow mining operations to dump waste in waterways
Perhaps the mining waste and the arsenic will cancel each other out.

JUNE 25, 2002
EPA ombudsman testifies Bush administration pressured him to halt study of radiation standards
After all, there's no room for standards in the Bush administration.

JULY 17, 2002
Bush administration opposes Senate bill to require 10 percent renewable energy by 2020
They won't even pretend to care.

AUGUST 7, 2002

EPA proposes weakened water-cleanups; asks for "voluntary" efforts
Good idea! I'm sure corporate polluters are standing in line to clean up their messes.

OCTOBER 15 2002
Superfund cleanups drop to 42 per year from average of 76 under Clinton, report shows
This doesn't matter, because Clinton got a blowjob.

NOVEMBER 5, 2002
Polluters paid 64 percent less in fines under Bush than in last two Clinton years, report shows
See above smart-ass comment.

DECEMBER 18, 2002
White House budget office values elderly lives 63 percent less in environmental cost-benefit analysis
Since they're going to die anyway, why should the elderly die painlessly, and with dignity?

FEBRUARY 27, 2003
Bush's "Clear Skies" plan allows much more pollution than if Clean Air Act were enforced
The "Clear Skies Initiative" is a staggering example of Orwellian double speak.

MARCH 10, 2003

EPA exempts oil and gas industry from President Clinton's tighter water-pollution rules
This makes sense, because the oil and gas industries never pollute our water supply.

JULY 12, 2003

EPA refuses to regulate perchlorate and other drinking-water contaminants
Notice a trend here?

OCTOBER 1, 2003
Bush fails to renew energy-conservation program that saved government $300 million a year
This guy is a fiscal conservative? Barry Goldwater should haunt his ass!

DECEMBER 4, 2003
EPA seeks to reclassify mercury as "nontoxic"
Whoever came up with this should have to drink a "nontoxic" mercury milkshake.

JANUARY 30, 2004
Parts of EPA's mercury-pollution plan lifted verbatim from industry memos
Hey, writing new stuff is hard, dude.

FEBRUARY 5, 2004
EPA admits twice as many children (630,000) in danger from mercury exposure
And this is AFTER they want to call mercury "nontoxic". See you in hell, fuckers.

FEBRUARY 18, 2004
20 Nobel Prize winning scientists say administration distorts science for political gain
Ahh, what do they know?

MARCH 11, 2004
EPA inspector general says agency's rosy drinking-water assessments used false data
I'm guessing this guy was unemployed soon after.

JUNE 2, 2004

New EPA rules allow more fine-particle pollution from 1,000 industrial plants
Fine-particle? If we can't see the pollution, how could it possibly hurt us?

I call this the Sleeping With the Enemy section:

MARCH 9, 2001

Bush appoints oil and mining lobbyist as deputy secretary of Interior
JUNE 21, 2001
Timber lobbyist Mark Rey appointed to key post in Forest Service
AUGUST 30, 2002
Foe of ecological restoration Allan Fitzsimmons named head of federal wildfire prevention
SEPTEMBER 17, 2002
Bush replacing most scientists on chemical-hazard panel with those tied to chemical industry
OCTOBER 8, 2002
Bush stacks panel on lead poisoning with people tied to the lead industry
AUGUST 11, 2003
Bush taps anti-environmental Utah governor Mike Leavitt to head EPA

This reads like a bad Saturday Night Live skit, only it's fucking real! Watch out before the Bush Administration hires Michael Jackson to babysit your nephew.

That was only during his first term. I'm too depressed to even wonder what's happened since he was reelected.


Blogger Dani said...

It looks weird to have your words in italics. You're not really the italics type.

Blogger Scarlet Hip said...

I'm confused. Are you surprised that the Bush administration doesn't give a shit about the people they serve?

Blogger John said...

My water doesn't taste any worse now than it did in 2000. But that might just be the arsenic flooding my brain and killing off my memory cells.

Blogger Ubermilf said...

I'll have to read this later.

In the meantime, I think Jo wants to marry you.

Blogger Ubermilf said...

I think he wants to kill us all.

Blogger Ian McGibboney said...

I read that Bush's Crawford ranch uses recycled wastewater and is a model of energy efficiency. Turd.

Blogger ginonymous said...

Brooke - "people they serve"?


Sorry, I can't worry about this crap while Saul Linsky Jr., aka Barak "the symbol of hope" Obama is trying to find a way to put me in the poor house.

Blogger LilSass said...

I love this post! And I swear to god, if the Dems vote for off shore drilling, I'm gonna move to Canada. Or somethin ....

Blogger John said...

Yes, it would be HORRIBLE if we started drilling for oil offshore. Think of how horrific life would be if gas prices dropped and we relied less on oil from countries full of people who want us all to either convert to their religion (and make you chicks wear head-to-toe body coverings), or better yet, just die. OH THE HUMANITY!!!

Thanks for the voice of reason John. Hey, did you and Todd used to have a stuffed animal you guys nick named "pussyfart the duck" when you were roommates?

Blogger yournamehere said...

This post doesn't have anything to do with off-shore drilling. It has to do with letting certain corporations poison us with impunity.

For the record, I think we need to find some of our own oil until alternate energy sources can be developed.

I believe John gave Pussyfart the Duck to his then-girlfriend, current ex-wife.

Blogger John said...

Pussyfart the Duck was real? Over the years I had succeeded in convincing myself it was all a bad dream. Thanks.

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