Monday, March 02, 2009
Damn it, I could have been shitting on Bobby Jindal for days!
I'll admit that the election year left me spent as far as political blogging goes. In fact, I haven't been following current events lately. Last week I was too busy working, recovering from an illness that would have killed half of Europe during the Middle Ages, watching college basketball, and drinking to excess to take notice of Bobby Jindal's disastrous "rebuttal" to President Obama's State of the Union Address.

Apparently, condescending Bobby thought it would be a good idea to treat America as one collective retarded kid, and the internets exploded with derision. A common theme was that Jindal came across like Kenneth the 30 Rock page:

The speech was also heavily criticized by Republican strategists, so the hatred was bi-partisan.

I can't believe I almost missed the presumptive 2012 Repub frontrunner shit the bed in such a dramatic fashion. I need to start paying attention again.

So let me get this straight: The best hopes of the Republican party for 2012 are a guy who thinks Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon from magical metal plates and a guy who once performed an exorcism and reminds the world of a wacky sitcom character. Nice.


Yeah, I'll give it to ya, Bobby's a real stiff. Although, I have to say, it's got to be difficult to give a rebuttal to someone that is as naive as our Lord almighty, the holy one, Barack Obama. Do you realize in his new "budget" he proposes to eliminate or severely cut the mortgage interest deduction?!! Does this fucking guy realize that we are in a severe housing crisis? You don't throw a drowning man an anchor, and you don't hit a struggling industry in the head with a proverbial shovel. A retarded hobo knows better, but then again, what's common sense got to do with anything Obama does? Fucking ignorant prick.

Blogger lp said...

From the Wall Street Journall

"The tax increases would raise an estimated $318 billion over 10 years by reducing the value of such longstanding deductions as mortgage interest and charitable contributions for people in the highest tax brackets. Households paying income taxes at the 33% and 35% rates can currently claim deductions at those rates. Under the Obama proposal, they could deduct only 28% of the value of those payments.

The changes would be phased in gradually over the next few years. For the 2009 tax year, the 33% tax bracket starts with couples with taxable earnings of $208,850, when adjusted for personal exemptions and various deductible expenses. A taxpayer in the top bracket paying $1,000 of mortgage interest, for example, would see a tax break worth $350 reduced to $280."

I don't know where that says it's going to "eliminate" or "severely cut" the mortgage interest tax break. Do you make $208k after deductions? Is that stopping you from buying a house? Maybe some people now won't be living in McMansions, but I don't see where that's a bad thing.

I have never claimed Obama to be any sort of Messiah, but I'd really like to see who the Republicans, who are now being led by Rush Limbaugh, have that's so much better.

Blogger lp said...

Oops... Wall Street Journal, sorry.

Blogger lp said...

Sorry, again, but also this... from the South Town Star...

"The increases would be delayed until 2011, when the economy presumably will be improved

Under Obama's budget proposal, a typical family of four making $300,000 a year would see their federal income taxes increase by $1,100, while a similar family making $500,000 would get an $11,300 increase."

So... it seems like a lot of fuss and "fucking ignorant prick" for nothing. I think the fear some people sow is more damaging than the facts.

However, I do get annoyed that there are no tax breaks for people who AREN'T having kids. I would much rather give someone on welfare a break for using some damn contraceptives than for pumping out another kid they can't take care of just to get a check.

Actually, if you take the time to examine the situation there is fuss and "fucking ignorant prick" for something.

The President of the National Association of Realtors, Charles McMillan says:

"This proposed change in the Mortgage Interest Deduction will result in further erosion of home prices and home values. If this proposal is enacted it will set of a new round of price depreciation, will cause greater distress on the balance sheets of banks as the collateral value of mortgage backed securities declines. A second credit crisis could emerge before the first one is resolved."

According to NAR’s analysis, changing the mortgage interest deduction will not only negatively impact the 2 percent of families who own homes targeted by the proposal, but also will impact home prices and values across the board. The middle class would see their home values reduced even further by such action, and NAR cautioned the Obama administration that any further pressure on home prices will hamper the economic recovery, raise foreclosures and hurt banks’ abilities to lend.

“Bank balance sheets will bleed as collateral value of their mortgage-backed securities falls even farther. We can’t afford another credit crisis before we resolve the current one,” said McMillan. He also stated that, with the current problems in the economy and the housing market, economic stability must be the focus.

But why listen to someone with two clicking neurons and a bit of common sense on the issue?

You liberals never see past just sticking it to the so called rich. Wake up.

Blogger lp said...

I'm actually taxed in one of the highest brackets yet am not rich... so... yes, I'm dying to stick it to myself.

Giving the wealthy a break has worked out really well so far.

Blogger foundinidaho said...

I don't know, it didn't seem that tough to give a rebuttal to Bush, who I could call a name, but why bother?

Blogger Ian McGibboney said...

Oh, the head of the Realtors Association doesn't like Obama's housing policy? That's like those oil industry people who write to newspapers calling for the U.S. to "drill, drill, drill."

Tell you what, VRWC: I'll be moved by your arguments when they don't come directly from those who'll benefit most.

Todd: have you forgotten about Sarah Palin for 2012? She definitely deserves to be among the same company as Mitt and Jindal. An Unholy Trinity. Amen!

(As for Jindal: I moved away before I had a chance to vote against him again, as I did in 2003. Until last week, I said often that Jindal was the intellectual Republican's choice if they wanted a chance to win in 2012. I've since changed my mind, regarding both his viability and the idea that intelligent Republicans exist.

You've never been moved by facts before Ian, why would you start now? And, it's quite presumptuous of you to think that I give a damn about what a devoid of business sense, left wing zealot like yourself thinks about anything.

Blogger Ian McGibboney said...

Speaking of sitcom characters, Todd, Bobby Jindal got his nickname because he was a huge fan of "The Brady Bunch." The jokes write themselves.

VRWC, I wrote a post on my blog today about the CPAC, and how their lineup suggests they're more interested in being bullies and hurling personal attacks than trying to thrive on the issues. Based on your response to me, you might be interested in it.

Blogger Scarlet Hip said...

Oh look, your brother turned a perfectly funny and entertaining post into a soapbox for his vitriol yet again.

Blogger Übermilf said...

CPAC wants to blow up my city.

I can't help but that that personally.

Blogger Ian McGibboney said...

But Ubermilf, you're not in the real, pro-America America! Deal with it.

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