Saturday, July 25, 2009
Mom jeans on Obama?
Last week when President Obama threw out the "Ceremonial First Lob" at baseball's All Star Game, he received criticism, not for throwing like a girl, but for wearing "mom jeans".

Really? Obama is almost 48, which is young for a president but a little too old to be dressing in jeans like these, don't you think?

Does a middle-aged man really have to dress like a PBR-swilling hipster douchebag? Have we reached a point in society where a guy pushing fifty has to look like a 22-year-old who lives in Brooklyn and plays bongos for a "world music" band?

Where does this end for Obama? I, for one, am troubled by his lack of ironic facial hair. I'm going to need to see him sporting a 70s porn 'stache by autumn at the latest. And he's going to have to become a better bowler. What would Walter and the Dude think about the pathetic 31 he rolled on the campaign trail? I've never seen a score so low from an able-bodied adult.


I'm happy to insult his pathetic throw. It was the worst I have ever seen. A 5 year old girl could have done a better job. He should be ashamed of himself as a man for such a feeble, lame arm, limp wristed attempt at a first pitch.

Blogger Ian McGibboney said...

I remember a friend of mine thinking it was just dandy that Bush dressed in jeans, because couldn't you imagine him meeting with world leaders while havin' a barbecue on his Texas ranch?

Those aren't Mom jeans by any stretch. And Obama's throw wasn't THAT bad. (Mariah Carey, now THERE'S a terrible pitcher!)

But, yes, if he ever dons that ironic facial hair, he will be too much of a hipster and I'll have to support Sarah Palin.

Blogger Moxie said...

I think he should wear a sequined thong, like Austin's mayoral candidates.

Blogger foundinidaho said...

Did the man ever play baseball? I do hear he plays pretty good hoops, though he's not totally coordinated.

And, if he didn't take time out of his job to practice pitching, I'm okie dokie with that.

Oh, and what Moxie said.

Blogger lp said...

can we be friends?!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

He should grow a massive fro in my opinion

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