Monday, July 20, 2009
The Simpsons

This past week there was a little bit of controversy when Family Guy was nominated for a "Best Comedy" Emmy. Why? Because The Simpsons, in all of its history, has only been nominated for "Best Animated Series".

For the record, I think Family Guy is funny, although I'm starting to get burned out on the endless repeats in syndication. My blogger avatar is Stewie, but even I will admit it's so 2005.

I'd also agree that right now, at this very moment, Family Guy is good for more laughs than The Simpsons. But better all time? No way. If The Simpsons didn't get nominated for "Best Comedy" during seasons 2-8, easily the best run of any television series ever, then no animated show deserves the honor.

If you're a youngster and all you know of The Simpsons is what you currently see at 8 0'clock on Sunday, go out and buy or rent a season from their "golden age". I was going to name my Top Ten Simpsons episodes, but since I have to blog every day this month I'll save it for another day.


Blogger Devan said...

I assumed that today's post would be about Beshear announcing he was running for another term in office, w/ Abramson as his running mate.

Shoot me now.

Blogger Übermilf said...

My favorite Simpson's episode is when Lisa and Nelson have a relationship -- after Milhouse slips Nelson a note from Lisa (because he'll do anything for her) that says "Guess who likes you?" And Milhouse is next seen being loaded into an ambulance ("He can't hear you now...")

Also, when his fellow bullies spot Nelson and Lisa smooching, they say, "You're kissing a girl? How gay!"

Blogger Rachel said...

I think the reason Family Guy got the nomination while The Simpsons never has is because Seth McFarlane entered Family Guy into the Best Comedy category while The Simpsons has only been entered into Best Animated Series. I believe the creators of the show put a packet together and send it in to whichever category they want to be considered in and The Simpsons never thought about throwing themselves into the comedy ring. So, you can only blame The Simpsons for having never have been considered in that genre.

Blogger Chris said...


it's all in the way Millhouse wiggles his eyebrows when Nelson gets the note. Pure comedy gold.

Blogger Tracy said...

My Favorite is when Homer tries some of Mr. Burns' "Pocket Fox" and next you see him racing up stairs with Marge in arms and drooling wildly... i laugh everytime.

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