Wednesday, March 08, 2006
What Ya Listenin' To?
Yes, fuckers and fuckees...much like a twelve-year-old girl at R. Kelly's house, I've been tagged. I've actually been tagged twice, by Livi and Blonde. And if you're gonna be tagged, those are two you'd want to do the tagging.

Okay, enough clueless sexual innuendo. My task is simple: Name seven songs, old or new, good or bad, ugly or prett-ay, that you're really enjoying right now.

I haven't bought a new CD in months, so I'll list seven songs they're playing on my new favorite radio station, 107.9 "The Point", that I like a lot.

1. "Tear You Apart"- She Wants Revenge
This song is really sick and twisted. I think the lead singer's mom used to beat him with her high heels.

2. "World Wide Suicide"- Pearl Jam
Finally, a new Pearl Jam song that rawks, instead of that mid-tempo meandering shit from their last two CDs.

3. "Heart in a Cage"- The Strokes
These guys have fucked more models than anorexia.

4. "'Hot Topic' is Not Punk Rock"- MC Lars
The song itself is lousy, but truer words have never been said (or in this case, shouted off-key). A fave quote from the song: "Hot Topic is a contrived identification with youth subcultures to manufacture an anti-authoritarian identity and make millions." Amen, horrible band.

5. "Feel Good, Inc." - Gorrilaz
Blonde had this one listed as well. It makes me want to change lanes without signaling.

6. "Paper Doll" - Louis XIV
Sleazier than a night in Reno.

7. "Add it Up" - Violent Femmes
Okay, how cool is it that this radio station plays "Add it Up"? Yeah, they also play Nickleback, but no one's perfect. This is the song that goes "Why can't I get just one fuck..."
For some reason, I can relate.

I'm supposed to tag seven other people, but tags are almost always ignored, so if you'd like to comment on your current musical faves, please do so. Or if you'd like to post about it, let us know and we'll check it out. Thank you for your continued support.


Blogger Housekeeper said...

What have I told you about talking smack about Reno...Vegas has enough sleaze for you to pull from. "Sleazier then a Fremont St. whore" or "Sleazier then a night at the Hooter's Hotel", would have sufficed.

Blogger yournamehere said...

Damn it, I actually wrote a disclaimer: "I realize Reno has more culture than Vegas" but I erased it. Reno just sounds funny, and not everyone knows about Fremont Street.

Besides, I wanted to make sure you commented. You know I mean no offense.

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Blogger yournamehere said...

acne cure,
you are a blemish on the world of blogging. Ha, get it? Acne...blemish.

Blogger Empress said...

Ok.....someone has to say it:


Thank you.

Blogger Cherry! said...

I just bought the San Remo Festival 2006 CD yesterday. So I'm listening to all the songs on that. My favourite is Dolcenera and her song 'Com'e Straordinaria La Vita'. I nearly bought Wham Greatest Hits too, because for some reason I've been dying to here 'Wake Me Up Before You Go Go'.

Blogger Cherry! said...

BTW - I like that Femmes song too.

Blogger Lush said...

Most recently played are:

1. "Mad World" from Donnie Darko soundtrack by Roland Orzabal

2. "I can't wait for the weekend to begin."

3. "Jump" - Girls Aloud

4. "Sweet Music" Kylie

5. "comptine D'un Autre Ete: L'apres Midi" by Yann Tiersen

6. "Love Cats" by the Cure

7. "Heaven is a Place on Earth" Belinda Carlisle

Blogger Blonde said...

I have a Violent Femmes story of my own. My pseudo-alternative wannabe 14 year old cousin brought a VF cd out the other day when we had to go somewhere together. She was shocked that I knew all of the words to the songs. I explained to her that the cd she was playing came out when I was her age. Her response? "Oh, I didn't realize that this group was so old."

Moral of this story: Kids suck.

Blogger BSN said...

"These guys have fucked more models than anorexia"


I must steal it.

Blogger AWE said...

I have been listening to Kazoo [Import] they are a kazoo band from portugal.

Nah, I am screwing with you. I just like the way the chicks lips look on the kazoo.

Blogger Kris said...

I seriously listened to some Ashlee Simpson this morning.

You can unlink me now.

Blogger Empress said...

ZZTop's La Grange. Which will be followed by Best of Aerosmith Live.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"World Wide Suicide" is a free download today on Pearl Jam's site....thanks for reminding me.

Blogger your anti-hero said...

I'll play. One sidenote though...Nickelback sucks or any band that includes the lyrics, "..what the hell is that on Joey's head?'

My 7:
1.Planet Rock - Afrika Bambataa and the Soul Sonic Force

2.King Without a Crown - Matisyahu

3.Kiss and Say Goodbye - The Manhattans

4.Fall to Pieces - Velvet Revolver

5.I Want to be Sedated - Ramones

6.S Carter Collection - Jay Z

7.Live CD - Marc Broussard

Blogger Claudia said...

woah, your badass streak just came out. I can't help but feel giddy at the thought of you changing lanes without signaling.

Now I won't be able to concentrate on anything today.

Blogger Claudia said...

Oh and I just bought the Neverending White Lights Album.

It makes me want to be a rock star.

uuuuuugh.I have said it before and I will say it again:

Loving Nickelback is like loving herpes.

Blogger Nick said...

Sure, what the hell.

1. Take You On A Cruise - Interpol

2. Speed - Montgomery Gentry

3. Perhaps Vampire Is A Bit Strong - The Arctic Monkey's

4. Set It Off - Audioslave

5. John Wayne Gacy, Jr. - Sufjan Stevens

6. The Willing Well II ~ From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness - Coheed and Cambria

7. Pablo Picasso - Citizen Cope

Blogger afromabq said...

love the gorillas - they make me "feel good." i know it's 3 years ago (so my sons say), but i'm lovin linkin park/meteor right now. i can't listen to it enough.

Blogger yournamehere said...

too many zits can leave scars. We don't need scars on our blogs.

every time a man hears "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" his testosterone level drops dramatically.

I love "Love Cats".

that first VF cd just keeps getting passed down from mini-generation to mini-generation, and the kids always think they're the ones who've discovered it.

please, steal away.

Blogger yournamehere said...

"Step up to the kazoo" is a bad pick up line, though.

was it really Ashlee Simpson, or a crack whore they found hanging out by the recording studio and paid twenty bucks to do Ashlee's vocal work that day?

gotta love the Top.

they announced the first leg of their tour, mostly east coast dates. I'm hoping Vegas is on the second leg.

when I first heard that lyric I almost crashed my car. He sings it with such "earnestness", too.

I don't mean for my bad boy actions to get you all hot and bothered. Or do I...
I just ran through my house holding scissors.

is that "Pablo Picasso" song a cover of the Johnathan Ritchman and the Modern Lovers tune? "Some guys try to talk to girls and get called 'asshole'...that never happened to Pablo Picasso."

every day I listen to CDs from '95, so I can't give you shit for being "three years ago."

1) "Aprhodite's (sp) Jacket" -The Cult

2) "Green Grass and High Tides" -The Outlaws

3) "Crescent" -John Coltrane

4) "Everybody Got Their Something" -Nikka Costa

5) "Do It Again" -Steely Dan

6) "Spill The Wine" -War feat. Eric Burdon

7) "Take Five" -Dave Brubeck Quartet

Blogger Übermilf said...

I only have one song in my heart. The "I Love Todd" song.

I love Todd
I love Todd
He is odd
He is odd
But he doesn't smell
like week-old cod.

Okay, I'm making it up. It's really the "I Hate Nick He Makes Me Sick" song.

Blogger Nick said...

That was mean.

Todd - No.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Reno is on their second leg, I'm there. I haven't seen them since the Vs. tour and they were panty creaming good. They are one of the best live bands.

And Reno is sleazy but in a perfectly cheesy way. But I love me some cheesy sleaze, so I don't mind.

Blogger miss kendra said...

i am listening to the crap coming from my neighbor's cube.

something about la la la.

please kill me.

Hmmm, She Wants Revenge sounds right up my alley.

I'm currently listening to Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash.

Blogger tlsd said...

Todds... the rhythm of your sweet lovin is the only music I need...

Blogger Übermilf said...

Sorry Nick.

Blogger Pony Boy said...

What is this "tagged"?

Blogger Melliferous Pants said...

I wanna play, I wanna play!

1. Speed - Le Tigre

2. My Name Is Trouble - Nightmare of You

3. Princess and the Pony - Sean Na Na

4. Lagtime - Ani DiFranco

5. Pot Kettle Black - Wilco

6. Ask the Lonely - Journey (Journey is a sickness I cannot shake.)

7. My Slumbering Heart - Rilo Kiley

Blogger FRITZ said...




Doesn't 'She Wants Revenge' remind you of Joy Division? Or, at least, Bauhaus? Somebody? Maybe a little?

I would like to see them in concert.


Uncle Frank is rolling. THAT particular monkey has BEEN in heaven for quite some time.

Blogger Übermilf said...

Todd, Todd
The blogging god
Makes us lust
for his beefy bod

Those lyrics are to the tune of "Tom, Tom Piper's Son"

If you don't know it, you're a happier person for it.

Blogger Jess Riley said...

I am betwixt decent music at the moment, so I will simply tell you that today I heard a REMAKE of Cyndi Lauper's "Time after Time" on the radio.

Uh, remakesters? It sucked the first time. No need for additional suckage. Thank you.

Blogger Todd said...

I listen to each of these songs at least three times a day:

1.)"Monkey Gone To Heaven" - The Pixies

2.)"Go With The Flow" - Queens Of The Stoneage

3.)"Light Years" - Pearl Jam

4.)"Grace" - Jeff Buckley

5.)"Needles" - System Of A Down

6.)"Just" - Radiohead

7.)"Dare" - Gorillaz

Blogger Rachel said...

Thanks hon, sorry I couldn't talk.

Blogger marie said...


Blogger Princess LadyBug said...

Okay, I'll play and even throw in a bonus song. :)

1. "Not Going Home" by The Elected
2. "How Do You Love" by Collective Soul
3. "Little Round Mirrors" by Harvey Danger
4. "My Degeneration" by Moke
5. "Invisible Girl" by Minnie Driver
6. "Extraordinary Machine" by Fiona Apple
7. "Pull Me In Tighter" by Rilo Kiley
8. "Through My Door" by The Muckrakers

Blogger Nick said...

Ubie made me snort honey roasted peanuts through my sinus'.

Blogger Ilovebawlz said...

She Wants Revenge is totally opening for Depeche Mode in a few weeks at the Joint...I want to go SO BAD.

Blogger Kath said...

Your wish is my command...except when it comes to naked boob pix. Gotta draw the line somewhere.

Blogger Kath said... didn't's the actual list...

#1- Ocean Man - Ween - the last song on the 'Chicago Live' CD. I love every Ween song I hear (honest) but this song HAS to be my favorite...guaranteed to make you wanna stop what you're doing and start dancing!

#2- How To Save A Life - The Fray

#3-The Shadow Proves The Sunshine - Switchfoot

#4- Space - Something Corporate - The louder, the better

#5- Take Me Away - Ween - First song I play every day as I walk from my bedroom to my office

#6- What About Everything - Carbon Leaf - Don't know why I love this song, but I do

#7 - Sea Frost - Cave In - This used to be my 'pensive listening music' when I would drive down A1A on hot summer nights with my sunroof and windows wide open. Another louder, the better type of song.

Blogger Housekeeper said...

I was so distracted by the "Reno" incident, that I didn't even provide any songs. Currently, my listen includes a kid's tape were the did a piss poor job of dubbing my son's name into the's pretty sweet I could hook you up..."This song is for Todd, he's a special boy". Other then that, I keep it tuned to the oldies station in town, and rock out to Neil Diamond whenever possible.

Blogger Shannon said...

Wolf Parade "Shine a light." I'm gonna tag myself for tomorrow.

Blogger yournamehere said...

my hipster friends would cringe when I cranked "Green Grass and High Tides Forever", but I like it.

you are so sweet. I don't even have anything smartass to say.

you have to hear the Modern Lovers song. Download it or whatever you kids do these days.

I will go to Los Angeles if I have to, but they sold out the MGM arena in 2003, so there's no reason they shouldn't come to Vegas.

it's probably Ashlee Simpson. Do you work with Kris?

you should stick with the original.

you always know what to say.

I'll accept your apology for Nick.

pony boy,
do a google search.

Le Tigre's great. Kathleen Hanna is one angry chick.

Blogger yournamehere said...

I love the Pixies, but I picked songs I hear a lot on that radio station.

that might have been a little too much, but I appreciate the sentiment.

most remakes are unnecessary.

yeah, Queens of the Stone Age. I saw them at a bar about four or five years ago and Dave Grohl played drums with them. Good stuff.

don't apologise, sweetie.

your blog scared me. So, are you Calzone or Nick?

Fiona Apple is good and crazy.


you and me both. Don't you have the hookup? I sure don't. I couldn't get into my own concert for free.

Ween, I've heard of Ween.

I am a special boy.

I will visit and comment, like it or not.

"my hipster friends would cringe when I cranked "Green Grass and High Tides Forever", but I like it."

That's says everything about you Todd, you have taste and you didn't listen to music to simply conform to everyone else's tastes.

"yeah, Queens of the Stone Age. I saw them at a bar about four or five years ago and Dave Grohl played drums with them. Good stuff."

Holy shit, that is literally a once in a lifetime event!

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