Wednesday, June 07, 2006
Rename my blog...and other subjects
I still can't get my computer to work; I'm using my roommate's. I don't have a lot of time to obsessively linger on the internets like I usually do, so that's why I haven't replied to comments. Thanks everyone for the kind words...

To answer a question, yes I plan to still post when I move, even if it's once a week at friend's houses until I get a computer and internet service.

Which brings me to the main purpose of this hurried post: Help rename my blog. I liked the name viva las vegass, because it told the reader I was living in Las Vegas, and it has the word "ass" in it. However, since I'll be living in Louisville, Ky in less than a week, this dumping ground of half-realized thoughts and vulgur incoherencies needs a new handle.

The candidates thus far:
the bluegrASS state

Do you like any of these? If not, give me your suggestions. I'm open to any ideas. I have to go now. My roommate is very gassy and if I don't leave this room I'll probably vomit.


Blogger Brookelina said...

I think you should name it "The Blog Formerly Known as Viva Las VegASS".

I like Kuntucky

Blogger Schmuzi said...

I have de-lurked for this one. How about "Viva My Ass"? Seeing as you are taking this huge step in life - you deserve some recognition, dammit. Plus it still has the word "ass" in it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like "the bluegrASS state".....and I'm so glad you're going to continue blogging after you move.

Blogger Dawn said...

My vote goes to: The bluegrASS state.


I definitely think you should capitalize on the KY part. "KY for the Masses" perhaps. Or "Slidin' Home to KY".

Blogger solethoughts said...

Might I suggest 'Viva LaFuck It?'

Blogger Kath said...

Kickin' Ass

Daily Bitch-O-Rama

Fuzzy Puppies and Furry Kittens

Kiss My Kentucky Ass

I'm Todd, Dammit!

LasVegASS Expat

I Dare You To Read This Blog

Looking For My One True Love

Kentucky. Part Deaux

Blogger Egan said...

Forced Unlawful Cardinal Knowledge


I do like the Viva My Ass one as well. Wow, only one week away. That's amazing the time has come for you to move on. Best of luck Todd.

How about feathered mullett mania?

Blogger Carson said...

Kuntucky Jelly

Cultural Drowning in KY

Anonymous Anonymous said...

leaving las vegASS for the bluegrASS state of Kuntucky

longwinded and crude, like the author, and it incorporates all your requirements for a blog name

(i like you longwinded and crude, btw)

Blogger MsAPhillips said...


Viva Todd?

Viva el Todd?

Kiss my VegASS Goodbye?

How does my VegASS look in these pants?

The Louisville Blogger? Blugger? Slogger?

Blogger livinlife said...

I can't believe that the obvious was not mentioned


Blogger Karen said...

I kinda like Andi's suggestion of "KY for the Masses"

But if it's between the three you posted, I like the bluegrAss one.

Or maybe BluegrAss Kuntucky?

Try UK SucksASS

But then, as a fellow graduate of U of L, maybe I'm a tad bit biASSed.

Blogger Shelly said...

I like the one that somebody suggested when you first said you were moving - My Old Kuntucky Hole.

Other than that, LouASSville is pretty damn clever.

But honey, you can call it anything you want to so long as you keep posting!

Blogger Melliferous Pants said...

Loserville? You're TOO hard on yourself!

I vote for what Brooke said.

Blogger Cold Hands said...

where's my motherfucking comment from earlier?

embrace the KY angle, it could be VERY useful, trust me it comes in handy for me all the time.


Blogger katarina said...

Livinlife took mine. I was going to say LouASSville.

I really like the sound of:
"Kat, will you marry me?"

I'd read it.

Blogger katarina said...


"My roommate has so much gas that I had to move out of state."

Blogger IndependentGrl said...

I could probably come up with a few others, but how bout KYss my Ass in Kuntucky

Blogger Egan said...

I vote for what Pants said.

Ha! Now independentgrl is thinking! That was masterful inclusion of all the best ones.

Blogger The Lone Rangers said...

My Old Kuntucky Hole...

Blogger Chili Pepper said...

My vote is for "Kiss My Kentucky Ass".

Blogger Violet said...

I like Vixen's votes. And good luck with your move (*cough* keepwriting! *ahem*).

Blogger Ryan said...

Kuntucky! Kuntucky!

Blogger DogGirl said...

You have to be able to use KY somehow...

Blogger Anna said...

I like the KY thing as well...warm lube for a cold hand and all that. Or is that just a slippery slope?

Blogger Shannon said...

How about Loserville, Kuntucky?

Sorry if someone already voted for that, but I don't wanna read all 30 comments to find out.

Best of luck in everything and may you find nothing but happiness, large breasts, and something other than scortching heat back in Louisville.

Vegas will miss you. The vegASS will be missed.

Blogger Ian McGibboney said...

--Kentucky: it's ASS friendly

--Kentucky Fried ASS

--Life After VegASS

I was going to say LouASSville myself, but I'm slow.

Blogger tlsd said...

is it too late to add my favs are:

kuntucky the bluegrASS State
louASSville kuntucky

... and the one that brooke said.
Oh and pants is sooooo wise, you should listen to her!

Blogger Gwen said...

Live from the BluegrASS State.

Blogger Kodos said...


Blogger MoDigli said...

Kentucky Fried Bourbon?

I don't know why I said that. It doesn't even have the words Ass, Kunt, or KY in them. Unless you call it "KY Ass Bourbon"!

How about "Florence, Y'all!"

On many road trips from Cleveland down to Georgia, I'd always pass thru the town of Florence, KY - just out of Cincinatti. They had a water tower that said "Florence, Y'all!" and it's been a joke between friends ever since. To me - "Florence, Y'all" justs SAYS "Kentucky"

Blogger Blonde said...

Kuntucky has my vote.

Anything with the word "cunt" in it somewhere makes me giggle like a school girl. Tee hee hee...

Have a safe trip, my sweet friend.

Blogger Jennifer said...

I vote for LouASSville. But hey, what do I know...I'm just a random blog-lurker.

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