Wednesday, August 06, 2008
I was going to rag on hipsters again, so I did an image search for "hipster" and got this picture. Hmmm. A few of these guys look a lot more Euro-trash than the hipsters I see around town; and the guy on the far left, with his Doors t-shirt, arts-n-crafts necklace, and "hang loose" hand gesture, is probably a damn dirty hippie. No, this picture is no good. No good at all.

The "hipster" search also produced this photo. While much more pleasant, it isn't quite what I had in mind for my bitter rant against a relatively harmless subculture.

Four asses or just one? Decisions...


Blogger Cold Hands said...

Haha - very nice finds. You, rant about hipsters? Say it ain't so!!! Not you!

Those hipsters in the second picture look comfortable, must look them up.

How are you?

Blogger dizzy von damn! said...

this is the best critique of hipsters i've ever read.

it's so true.

every word.

Blogger Tits McGee said...

I have a sloggi sensation in my pants.

I hate damn dirty hippies.

Blogger Ćœbermilf said...

I love when Sloggi and Slobby Dao solve mysteries.

Blogger country roads said...

I live in a "city" that's 5 years or so behind the times. We now have a restaurant overrun with people in "skinny jeans", dirty hair, and black zip sweatshirts covering striped shirts. It's horrible. Horrible I say.

Blogger yournamehere said...

cold hands,
I'm just fine, darlin'.

dizzy v. damn,
thanks, dear.

tits mcgee,
I would say I have that effect on women, but sadly that would be a lie.

something we can agree on!

their van is cool.

country roads,
is the restaurant also a hookah lounge? That's hipster catnip.

Dude! You have got to be the funniest guy I have read in a while!! Thank you for saying what most people will only think to themselves!!!

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