Wednesday, September 17, 2008
I Don't Like Ike
I'm blogging at a coffee shop because I've been without power since Sunday, when Louisville was hit by a wind storm that left 300,000 residences without electricity. I never thought I'd have to worry about a hurricane while living here, other than increased rainfall a day or two after it hit shore. I was wrong, it seems.

Sunday afternoon I saw a forecast calling for winds up to 30mph. Not a big deal, so I headed to the brewpub for a porter and a bison burger. As I sat there, the wind ripped the awning off of the coffee shop next door and hurled it across the road into a parked car. I decided that would be a good time to ask for my check.

The "winds up to 30mph" had become constant winds of 50mph, with gusts up to 80! Fuck you, National Weather Service. On the frightening drive home, I had to detour several times because GIANT trees were falling onto the roads. My car was belted by small branches and flying debris, but no major damage. I have, in the past few days, seen several cars that were smashed by falling trees, so I feel lucky in that respect.

As you might expect from a city that can't clear snow off of its roads, Louisville has been a giant mess for the past few days: Downed power lines, closed streets, malfunctioning traffic lights, plagues of locusts, dogs and cats living together, ANARCHY! However, given the enormity of the situation, I think the city has done an acceptable job.

A lot of people have it much, much worse. Please don't feel sorry for me as I sit in a coffee house and sip an overpriced mocha, but keep in mind I had to miss the Cowboys' win on Monday Night Football. Woe is me.


Blogger DogGirl said...

cool! my missed connections ad on craigslist worked. we have a date - we're not going to use protection so that we can celebrate or 3mo anniversary at the place we met.

Blogger Übermilf said...

You know, you didn't have to make up a fantastic story to explain why you missed my birthday. It was no big deal.

Hurricanes in Louisville. Pfbbt. Right.

Blogger Übermilf said...

(Actually I know full well you're telling the truth, because WE got the extra rain YOU usually get)

Blogger Tits McGee said...

::insert "blowing" joke here::

Blogger lostinutah said...

Wow. Suddenly even Utah doesn't sound so bad.

Blogger ginonymous said...

Oh crap. Kansas gets the 50-70mph winds all the time... What we weren't expecting was the 10" of rain that we got in one freaking weekend.

Sorry about your game, tho, yo. Times is tough!

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