Friday, April 30, 2010
What, was Marcy Playground busy?
I moved to Henderson, Nevada in the fall of 2002. I secured a job at a place called Organized Living and often walked there from my apartment. On the way I'd cut through a shopping center, and someone had written in cement, right in front of a Borders bookstore, "Candlebox Rules". By reading this I immediately knew one thing: The shopping center was built in 1993. Oh, and I knew that the person who wrote that was a complete tool. So two things...

I mention this because last night, which I believe was April 29, 2010, Candlebox played in Louisville at the Kroger Fest-a-Ville (see what they did there? It was a festival in Louisville, so they called it Fest-a-Ville).

"Great name, boss. How can we make this event even better?"

"Let's get that band the kids are nuts for....what's their name? Candlebox. They're one of those grunge bands you hear so much about."

I was there last night. I wasn't really paying attention to Candlebox, though. Every year as a lead-up to the Kentucky Derby, they set up a bunch of food and alcohol vendors by the riverfront and people gather to drink a lot and eat fried dough. I was there for that. Candlebox was just a "bonus". And I mean it was a bonus in the same way that getting herpes would be the bonus of fucking a hot chick. Candlebox still sucks, is what I'm getting at.

At one point I heard the lead singer say, "It's been a long time, Louisville." A long time since what? Since he showered? Since someone PAID to see them perform? Since the bass player could finish a show without his hip aching? Since teenagers didn't routinely ask "Candlebox? Who's that?"

I wanted to walk to the front of the stage and shout "PLAY SOMETHING FROM YOUR POORLY-RECEIVED SOPHOMORE ALBUM!!!" but I resisted the urge.


Blogger Ian McGibboney said...

Nice! This post reminds me just how much I love...Alice in Chains.

Blogger Ian McGibboney said...

Another thing...I have an elephant's memory when it comes to music. I remember bopping to "Down Under" at 3 years old.

But my freshman year in high school, my friend brought a Candlebox CD to school. I think to use in an art project. I literally had forgotten the song that they did.

And by the way, this was 1994.

Blogger I Wear Flops said...

My first concert ever was Candlebox.. the year was 1995, at the now-a-mega-church-money-suck-of-small-minded-folk-but-used-to-be-Sunrise Musical Theater.

Opening acts were Seaweed and The Flaming Lips. I had no idea who the Flaming Lips were at the3 time, but these days I'm much more proud of the fact that I saw them at my first concert than I am Candlebox.

However, I smoked pot with older hammered women, and it was awesome. We showed up 5 hours before the concert began to stand in line and get good seats when the doors opened to the general admission crowd. I wore Skidz, Reebok Pumps, and argyle socks.

Yep.. I was that cool..

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