Tuesday, May 04, 2010
Upper Class Douchebag "Accidentally" Kills Ex
Is this the Jonas Brother's less-gay cousin? No, it's college lacrosse player George Huguely. The other night he kicked in the dorm room door of his former girlfriend, Yeardly Love, and slammed her head against a wall until she died.

His sleazy bottom-feeder attorney was quoted as saying "..we are confident that Ms. Love's death was not intended, but an accident with a tragic outcome."

Accidents happen, right?

What's that? The lawyer's a sniveling piece of human garbage? Hey, you're right! Fuck that guy!

I guess Huguely's upbringing, which no doubt consisted of sass-talking a series of maids and man-servants, left him unable to determine how many vicious head slams to a wall it takes to make a point without killing someone. I'm sure his attorney will use this as a defense.

Scumbag lawyer: "Given Mr. Huguely's privileged background, he was unaware of the perils of physical abuse. His parents abused one another via icy stares, infidelity, and passive-aggressive quips."

Obviously, it doesn't matter to the victim or her family whether her killer was a gang member or a spoiled, lacrosse playing nancy. I just hope his affluence doesn't lead some judge or jury to take it easy on him. I have a feeling if this pretty boy ever makes it to prison his head is going to be repeatedly slammed into a wall. And by "head" I mean his asshole, and by "wall" I mean his cellmate's cock.


Well said bro. Well said.

He'll walk. I just know it.

Blogger IamThePeachy1 said...

So I accidentally bought a gun and accidentally loaded it, and accidentally shot my neighbors dog. NO. Anyone over the age of 8 knows that slamming someones head around can kill them. Dumbshit. The system who lets this kid walk, sucks and fails. Sorry to the parents and family of the girl. What a piece of trash.

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