Wednesday, February 02, 2011
I'm Not Cool (Duh)
As a general rule, I like humor. I think, based on opinions of people I don't normally hate, that I'm supposed to like Daniel Tosh and his making-fun-of-Internet-videos-on-Tv show, Tosh.0 After all, I think Joel McHale is hilarious on Talk Soup; and who doesn't enjoy seeing some oblivious cell-talking moron walk into a mall fountain?

But strangely enough, not only do I not watch Tosh.0, I'd really like Daniel Tosh to fall off a tall building and land ass first on Milton Berhle's spectre-dick. In my opinion, the guy is a smug prick, and smug prickiness is a quality that is far too often rewarded in this society.

And yes, you really had to wait that long for this post. Sorry.


Blogger Allan said...

I guess I'm not cool, either. I can't stand Tosh, and only watched his show a couple of times. And cringed until I finally turned it off each time.

I want to punch his smug 'I'm the hippest most funniest guy in the room' face every time I see it.

Blogger Vic said...

I hate that guy...

Blogger Professor Chaos said...

Tosh is one of the most painfully un-funny "comedians" I've ever seen.

Blogger Laura said...

He is a jackass.

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