Wednesday, October 06, 2010
Unloved in my own hometown
This week a local free newspaper had some kind of "Things We Like About Louisville" List. Shockingly, I wasn't included. I know, I too am speechless. 

I do and do and do for this city, and this is the thanks I get. I actually know two people who write for this paper. One of them hates me, but'd think that person would want me to get some publicity so readers could mock my appearance. 

This cover story in a free weekly paper was probably my last chance to make the jump from complete to relative obscurity. Damn the luck. Maybe it was my lack of a cool job or any discernible talent that kept it from happening. 

Actually, a few years ago a rival weekly newspaper used several quotes of mine for a featured story and the writer wanted to promote my blog, but I didn't think it was a good idea to have my full name associated with this. After all, I might have lost a job that saps my very will to live; and we wouldn't want that.


Blogger Sara said...

Apparently the only high school in my town had a parade recently and NO ONE INVITED ME TO BE IN IT.

What the fuck, Haughton?

Blogger Laura said...

Ah, but you have my undying love.

Blogger Ian McGibboney said...

Well, this way, you can be the best-kept secret. That's one way of looking at it.

If it helps, I actually was mentioned in both of our local weeklies when I lived in Louisiana. One of them even interviewed me on a pressing issue along with the city-parish president, the university president and a couple of other heavy hitters back in 2005.

Alas, none of that helped me get a job, and I had to move away.

Blogger yournamehere said...

you are cool enough for your own parade. That little town you live in should throw you one.

do we know each other? Do you live in Louisville? Are you single? Are you between the ages of "old enough to drink" and "young enough that when I fall I don't shatter my hip"? Drop me an email.

yeah, rub it in, Mr. Popularity.

Blogger Ian McGibboney said...

Yeah, because like I said, it helped SO much!

Like you, I was popular in 2005. But not that much.

And you're better.

Blogger Johnny Yen said...

But your job is liquor-related! How can you hate it?

A few weeks ago, I was getting ready to gas up my car and was jumped by a news crew looking for quotes on gas station owners in the area, including the one I was just about to patronize, who weren't paying taxes. To my surprise, they used my quote. Since it was on one of the major local news programs, about a third of Chicago saw and heard it. Fortunately, I had the presence of mind, despite a mild hangover, to say something that wasn't too stupid. And all anybody could ask was why I wearing a Detroit Tigers hat.

Blogger Lsamsa said...

Well, I actually lived in Louisville for a few years (waaaay back) & you are definitely one of things I like about Louisville, probably more than most things there.
Certainly more interesting!

I think you should bring back the "Right Wing Douchebag of the Month" edition of the blog.

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