Thursday, September 01, 2005
Thoughts While Channel Surfing
Note: For the last three posts, I believe, I've been trying to respond to each and every comment on my blog. Nice bloggers have been doing this forever, of course, but being nice is a bit of an effort to me. I just decided if someone takes the time to comment on my nonsense, I should respond in kind. I don't have computer access at work, so I'll do my responding when I get home. Thanks.

New Orleans is now being ravaged by looters. It's amazing that mother nature can't do anything to us that a group of human garbage won't make worse.

The Republicans are brilliant. Seriously, they may never lose another election. They've changed the name of Creationism to Intelligent Design. Now it's as if the term "creationism" never fucking existed. These people are evil geniuses. They've taken something that is stupid and forced everyone to use the word "intelligent" to describe it. That, my friends, is doublespeak of Orwellian proportions. Damn, if it's 1984 I'm too young to go to a bar.

I'm going to co-opt their idea. From now on my fat stomach shall be an example of Fitness Design; and my crappy motor vehicle is a prime showcase for Luxury Design. Why not?

I'm watching an episode of Real Sports on HBO and one of their stories is really pissing me off. Parents of a home-schooled teenager are suing the school district for the kid's right to play sports at the local high school. Let me repeat this horseshit: These people have voluntarily decided the school in their district isn't good enough for their precious child, but they want him to play sports at that same school. No no no no no no no!!!! When they yanked their kid out of all social situations because the school had the nerve to teach scientific fact instead of something Pat Robertson thinks is "dandy" they threw away his right to play high school sports. They claim that as taxpayers their son should have access to extracurricular activities. Why? I pay taxes and have no children, so I'm just going to head over to Coronado High School tomorrow afternoon and take a swim in their indoor pool. Why can't I? I pay my taxes. It cracks me up when people applaud themselves for paying taxes. First of all, we don't pay taxes, they're taken from us. The government doesn't have me on the honor system; when I get my check the taxes are already deducted. It's not a noble gesture on my part.

Frankly, this whole home schooling thing is just wrong. What a great way to ensure that the flesh of your loins is a social leper. "A girl talked to me yesterday and I shot her with my Taser," the boy will say. To which the mom will reply, "That's nice, dear. Are you ready for tomorrow's test on Intelligent Design?"


Blogger ginonymous said...

love it! as a denizen of kansas, and a practicing Pastafarian, i am terrifically offended that we also can provide empirical evidence of intelligent design at the noodly "hands" of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (which, by the way, has the no-sense-of-humor-neocons ready to burn my liberal ass at the stake) and yet, the only "intelligent design" being pushed toward the classroom is the christian ideal.

if you can undermine the fundamental premise of biology, it makes it all that much easier to deny global warming.

tinfoil beanie, anyone?

Blogger Melliferous Pants said...

There's a guy in my night class that was home schooled up until college. I won't bore you with the details, but the only thing he can talk about is science fiction. There should be a support group for adults who were home schooled as children.

Blogger Egan said...

Dead on Todd. That homeschooling shit bothers me too. Expose your kids to as much as possible to prepare them for the real world. It's rather cocky of parents to think they can teach as good as the professionals. Sure not all teachers are great, but at least their work could be monitored.

I am so happy I learned about global warming in high school. And damn do I ever love public schools. I am serious about that.

MePants - Was that person in your night class Tom Cruise?

Blogger katarina said...

Even the cops are looting.

I feel bad for those kids. They will never know how to deal with anything because they've been sheltered from everything. You need those bad experiences to grow as a person.
I don't understand how it works, either. How do so many people have teaching degrees? And why are they wasting them? Do they need teaching degrees? If not, why do public school teachers need them?

Blogger JJ said...

Seeing the cruelty in this world, I sometimes wonder if a benevolent pasta-based diety really exists.

Blogger Harley Quinn said...

My brother in law was home schooled.... and quite frankly...he's fucking retarded. Those children are being denied their very right to "grow" both academically and socially. Being a work-from-home-mom and being in those types of networks a lot of the "christian" moms think home schooling is the best thing for them. I wish I could send my brother in law to live with them for a month or two. They'd pitch a tent outside a school.

Blogger Bobby said...

If they could ever make the money to do so, I truly believe home schoolers would end up in scientology.

Just a thought....

Blogger Crystal said...

In Germany home-schooling is illegal, and Scientology is considered a cult! Hmmm...maybe we need to follow suit. BTW, the looting in New Orleans is said to be some sort of "revenge" because there's a lot of very very poor people there who don't partake in the spoils of the city's tourist economy. They've long been resentful of the city rolling out the red carpet for tourists while most native residents live in slums and work as cooks & maids for minimum wage. The city officials are against unions and voted down a proposal for setting a "living wage", so there has been tensions there for some time.

Blogger MoDigli said...

LOVE YOUR POST!!!! .... So true, people are much more evil, demented, sick, and pathetic than any natural disaster. I've know heard reports of rapes taking place inside the superdome while ppl are locked in there like it's a prison. Disgusting. Purely disgusting.

As for Home Schooling. Can I get an AMEN in the house? That little brat's family needs to go make their own homeschool team so all the public school kids can kick their asses in the next game.

Lately, ppl are making me very sick, too! It just never ends!

Blogger Brookelina said...

Yes, let's not only teach our children our own little small-minded educational ideals, but let's also teach them that sense of entitlement that is so popular in our country today. So what if we don't follow the rules? We are still entitled to everything we want no matter what. Just ask our lawyer!

Blogger Übermilf said...

I think I shall yank Ubergirl Elder out of public school and home-school her.

Today she learned such satanic "scientific" facts such as "ladybugs and strawberries are red."

Red is Satan's color.

Blogger MollyNormal said...

I just watched that episode of Real Sports today, whilst home from work dying of the plague. I too felt like it was horseshit! I feel sorry for kids who are home schooled - how can they be prepared for the real world if they've never been humiliated, dejected, made fun of or socially impaired? And BTW did you see the story about the father and son marathon team? I was bawling the whole way through that. Oh and Randy Moss is a punk ass bitch.

Blogger wopanese said...

home-schooling isn't that bad, given the right set of parents doing the schooling. Socialization and related problems must, of course, be dealt with. There are other places kids can learn socialization skills besides school - community sports programs, the scouts... there are a ton of ways to do this without school, where they also come into contact with the Greatest Common Denominator factor, which could pull them down... but that's another argument.

re: teaching professionals... umm, not all teachers are good... remember, they're humans too, and just cause they graduated doesn't mean they can teach. I know several teachers - no offense, but some of them couldn't teach a puppy how to crap on your rug.

Also - didn't Tiger Woods' dad start home-schooling him on golf? I home-taught myself guitar. I do okay, so THEY tell me. I knew this cat in college who was home-schooled for his high school education and he was a sharp kid, well-behaved, and "socially acceptable". It's all in the ability of the parents, who could be totally whack, or awesome - just like teachers. Home-schooling includes private tutoring, by the way, so they might be having professionals anyway.

If it's one thing I learned in college, you don't need to be smart or gifted to earn your degree in many of the programs offered - you just have to pay the money and do the work. Really. I know a lot of computer science graduates who really couldn't program their way out of a wet paper bag... and then look at the hackers out there - most of them have NO degree and yet they find their way all around the security measures others have created. That takes some brain power. (Unless you're hacking windows, yeah, I know)

As for intelligent design... wasn't that an ad campaign used by Nissan some time ago? Damn. Them lil slant-eyed cousins of mine are always ahead of the curve, aren't they?

New Orleans - you are definitely dead on there. I say we give the law absolute right to pick off scum and let 'em wash away with the garbage. They could then sell video of it and make millions to help rebuild the city. Hmmm... I may be on to something there.

Damn... my comment is as long as some posts I've seen... Sorry bout that.

Blogger Melliferous Pants said...

Egan- Was Tom Cruise home schooled? It's all making sense now...

Blogger yournamehere said...

Yeah, global warming is based on unsound science; repetitive stress disorder is based on unsound science; but the world being created in six days is intelligent.

miss pants,
The force is strong in your classmate.

Dena wanted me to tell you this post is not about Tom Cruise.

There is no standard for home schooling. Educators are worried that if you let home schoolers play sports, kids who can't make the grades in public school will begin home schooling to keep their eligibility.

I think a pasta-based diety does exist; that's why Dr. Atkins died.

Maybe, then, we could use your retard brother in law for good.

Home schooling and Scientology? The Dumb-ass Daily Double.

I would loot for food if my family was hungry, but a lot of people seem to be looting because it's the thing to do. As far as a socieo-political motive behind the lootings, maybe from a few, but the masses just want to take what isn't theirs.

Blogger yournamehere said...

ha. I went to a private school in tenth grade and everytime we played a public school in any sport they'd kick our asses.

the parents featured on the program made me sick. "But, we always get what we want."

Red? And you're considering sending her back? You monster.

sorry about the plaque. You should have invested in a flea collar for your pet rat. That was a good Real Sports this month, huh?

hey, are they paying you by the word?

Blogger Egan said...

So if I post a bunch of comments Todd, are you obligated to respond to all of them under your new mandate?

Blogger aughra said...

Fuckers! Fuckers! They had the money to rebuild levees, and Bush took it for Iraq! Fuckers.

Sorry. I try to post at everyone who posts at mine, also.

Blogger Harley Quinn said...

Add to shovel justice - people who home-school their children.

Blogger yournamehere said...

Not obligated, but I might, sure. Some people like to leave comments days after the post was written. I might not get to all of those but I still appreciate the comments.

yeah, the bill is past due for Mr. Bush. I'm sure the LIE MACHINE will find some way to make him look good, the bastards.

Consider them added.

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