Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This weekend was a real shit sandwich. I had two delicious pieces of hearth-baked artisan bread, but in the middle was a giant turd. Allow me to explain.

Friday night I had a delicious Mexican dinner with friends, then we went to see my best friend's band, Boomorangutan, play a show at Louisville's premier rock showcase and sleazy meat market, the Phoenix Hill Tavern. A good time was had by all.

If we had stayed longer we could have gone downstairs to the main bar and watched a shitty cover band desecrate songs I didn't like in the first place, but we made an early midnightish exit. Sure, there would have been sketchy chicks with circa 1987 Jersey mall hair, but sleep beckoned.

Saturday night was my weekend's steaming pile of dung. It was inventory night at work, which meant I was counting things from 11pm til 6am. That, my friends, is hell on earth. There's a reason insomniacs count to try to fall asleep.

(Also, note to self: NEVER eat White Castles when sober. Even if you're hungry, and there's nothing else open, if there isn't alcohol to counteract the notorious belly bombers just go to bed hungry. It's not like you'll starve to death, fat boy.)

On Sunday it was back to the good stuff. I had a beer lunch at Cumberland Brews, then went to see Louisville's own Derby City Roller Girls take on the Burning River Rollergirls, who are from Cleveland, bless their hearts.

The match took place at the dilapidated Treo Roller Rink. Don't let the annoying, amateurish website fool you: The place is a piece of crap. I used to go to skating parties there when I was in Middle School, and not only has their been no remodel of the place since then, I seriously doubt the bathrooms have been cleaned.

But I had a GREAT TIME. There are roller derby leagues in most big and medium sized cities. I urge everyone to find the closest one and enjoy some crazy fucking action. These ladies were knocking each other around. It was a cat fight on wheels!

There was a fistfight that was one more punch away from escalating into a soccer riot, scantily clad belly dancers for halftime entertainment, and stale nachos sold by surly teenage concession workers. What more could you ask for?

Well, working air conditioning would have been a nice bonus. One of the girls had a heat stroke, so I'm sure that issue will be addressed.


Blogger Übermilf said...

you pack a lot of fun into a weekend.

Blogger miss kendra said...

i would like to have a delicious mexican dinner and watch some people beat one another up.

Blogger Legal Goddess said...

Hey, sorry I never got back to you about this weekend! Lightening struck the house, and we lost all internet, the entire time I was in KY. However, I will be home for Xmas, so I'll throw back a few bourbons with ya then!

Blogger Nick said...

I think "legal goddess" is blowin' smoke.

Blogger Nick said...

I was thinking the same thing as my well-named counterpart.

Blogger Tits McGee said...

My town has a Roller Derby league. Those ladies kick some ass. I would join, but I bruise easily. You should see my knees.

Blogger Melliferous Pants said...

Your new name shall be Susie Sunshine.

Blogger Johnny Yen said...

Ouch! Big mistake on the sliders!

We have roller derby still in Chicago. Some friends of my wife and I who own a record store sponsor a team. They play, of course, in Cicero, the skankiest suburb Chicago has to offer. And of course, no air conditioning, just like Louisville roller derby.

Blogger Scooter Deb said...

Dude, is that Treo rink the same place that used to be Champ's?

Blogger yournamehere said...

if I only relied on my job for my sanity, I'd be shit out of luck.

you live in Los Angeles. Eating a Mexican dinner and witnessing violence is always a freeway exit or two away.

legal g,
I'll see you then.

dude, never accuse a future lawyer of lying.

just because girls lie to you doesn't mean they lie to me. Wait, yes it does. Damn.

I'll buy you some "Kentucky: The Bluegrass State" kneepads.

have you been drinking? Was that comment meant for someone else's blog?

this place normally has air conditioning. It just decided to go out when the temperature reached ninety five.
This is the league's first year. They're hoping to eventually rent their own place or find a better rink.

scooter deb,
yes, it's the same dump. Champ's sold it a few years ago when some kid got killed there.

Blogger Nick said...

Future being the key word.

Blogger Cold Hands said...

You never call, you never write... what's up with that?

My girl crush is a member of a local roller derby team... I lurve her.

Blogger Melliferous Pants said...

I should start drinking. Work might be tollerable.

Blogger Übermilf said...

You never offer ME kneepads.

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