Friday, August 31, 2007
Save us from the evils of casino gambling, oh great crooked governor
I don't really care if Kentucky gets casino gambling or not, but our current criminal governor, Ernie Fletcher, is making it the centerpiece of his reelection campaign. It makes sense, since as a criminal, he would be ill-served by running on his record.

Gov. Ern is running a series of ads touting his "No Casinos" tour, where he goes to towns that have casino gambling and talks to people whose lives have been ruined by slot machines. Really? What about a "No Cars" tour to talk to those who've been injured in car wrecks?

Speaking of car wrecks, watch out for runaway hypocrisy as the governor of a state known for tobacco and bourbon shows "concern" for the victims of casino gambling. Where's his concern for the cancer-riddled and the booze-addicted? Oh right...that kind of empathy won't get you elected in this state.

Fletcher, who ends his stupid commercials by saying, WITH A STRAIGHT FACE, "Casino gambling? Not in my Kentucky home," doesn't seem to have a problem with the gambling that occurs at our state's famous horse racing tracks; and he doesn't mind the endless number of inner-city merchants who sell Kentucky Lottery tickets to people who live under the poverty level. But gambling in a casino, where there may be a buffet involved? Oh, hell no! That'll flat ruin us!

I'm sure the anti-casino movement will be fully supported by suspicious country folk, paranoid Bible thumpers, and other people Ernie Fletcher doesn't give a fuck about. And I'm just as sure his opponent and the gaming industry will offer casino gambling as the miracle we've all been waiting for. Like I said before, I don't care one way or another.

Why? Because we'll do it half-ass. I'm not saying I want us to compete with Vegas, but who cares about another lame riverboat casino that can't give away alcohol to gamers? If you can guarantee me something as nice as the Green Valley Ranch casino in my neighborhood, I'll be one casino supporting son of a bitch. Otherwise, whatever.


Blogger Scarlet Hip said...

I've heard about these poor people whose lives have been ruined by slot machines. These evil machines go into people's homes, hold them at gunpoint, and force them to put money into them and then press their buttons! The horror is unimaginable. It's a tragedy of epic proportions.

Republican or not, I have no use for anyone who stands in the way of business. Perhaps Ernie has adopted Hillary's belief that "The unfettered free market is more dangerous to America than terrorism." If so, fuck him.

Blogger The Stormin Mormon said...

If they can guarantee the brunette in the spa photos, I'll build the damn casino myself...

Morons who gamble to much get so sympathy from me. I'll save that for real tragedies.

Blogger Ćœbermilf said...

Apparently he came to Illinois under false pretenses to film his ad.

Blogger miss kendra said...

my life was ruined by slots.

i mean sluts. woops.

Blogger Steph said...

I detest political hypocrisy. The kentucky derby is a world famous race and one that people gamble on from all over the world. What a gormless twat that Govenor is.

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