Wednesday, July 08, 2009
Oh...casinos are so frightening!
The other day I commented on a local blog that Louisville should try to find a way to enact casino gambling without the help of the state of Kentucky. I further opined that a good location for a casino would be downtown near the basketball arena scheduled to open next year.

This opinion prompted some local do-gooder to comment "Well, I guess you don't live near downtown if you want a casino there."

My first thought was to say: Fuck off, you ignorant pissant.

The Green Valley Ranch Casino in Henderson, NV and the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas are both situated in very affluent neighborhoods. The people in the area don't have a problem with these operations because they're well-run and safe. You see, casinos that aren't shitholes don't want problems in their places of business. They aren't going to let criminal activity happen in their building or on their grounds. The only ones doing the stealing are the casinos themselves.

However, in all fairness to the guy who made the comment, he probably is all too aware of city government's tendency to HALF-ASS everything it touches. He assumes our increasingly corrupt mayor will let those Cordish Corporation fucks build some amateurish pile of bricks; who in turn will save money by hiring dead-limbed milksops to work security.

I'm honestly conflicted now.


They should open one. You're right bro. I love having the Red Rock close by. Clean, safe place to get dinner, go to the movies, etc. If they do it right they should do it. If they are going to make a low life version of the El Cortez, they shouldn't.

Blogger Sara the Great said...

what's a one-armed milksop? you're a credit to my increasingly expanding command of the language. Much thanks.

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