Sunday, August 02, 2009
K "Well" Fed

See what I did there? I called Kevin Federline "K 'Well' Fed" because he's gained a lot of weight! HAHAHAHA!

When is it okay for a fat guy like me to make fun of another fat guy? When the other fat guy is a raging douchebag like Kevin Federline, that's when.

But it isn't the bowling ball he's smuggling in his midsection that caught my attention; it's his squatty little Cotton Hill legs! Is it just those ridiculous novelty-sized ghetto shorts making his legs look like that, or did Britney Spears pay someone to remove his shins?

Either way, he's got a big gut and he's playing golf. Welcome to middle-age before thirty, Kev.


Ha! The Cotton Hill reference was perfect.

Blogger kirby said...

Giant shorts or tiny pants?

His douchebaggery can be seen from space.

Blogger Tracy said...

he looks like "dorf on golf"

Had any rain lately bro?

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