Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Oh so offensive.
Once again, I happened upon a website that pretends to speak for every woman in America. I'm not providing a link, because from now on I'm the only crazy person who gets free publicity from this blog, but apparently this Maker's Mark bourbon ad is "OFFENSIVE TO WOMEN".

But is it? Is it really? Does every woman on earth live such an otherwise perfect life that this would cause her distress?

Maker's Mark uses excerpts from "fan" letters in their ads. This guy compared his girlfriend unfavorably to a bottle of bourbon-style whisky. Let's just assume he is equally as immoral and misshapen as his paramour and get on with our lives, shall we?

Am I wrong about this? Please let me know. I have female readers, or at least I did before this blog hit the shitheap, so please tell me if this offends you or not. If it does, please explain why. I'll try to keep the gratuitous ridicule of your opinions to a bare minimum.


Blogger Steph said...

Doesn't offend me at all.
It's lame. I feel sorry for the dolts that paid good money for that ad. ;)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My only thought was "Eh, that guy's a dick". I'm not easily offended though.

Blogger 3.14 said...

no offense taken here...... like the new look!

Blogger wmy said...

If it doesn't come right out and call me a cunt...I'm fine with it!
Your blog is lookin FABULOUS DARLING!!!

Blogger Nick said...

To be fair, Maker's Mark is really good.

Blogger Tits McGee said...

No offense taken. I'm not a bourbon fan, but I've had boyfriends who were way lamer than a good glass of scotch.

Also, way to rock the new template. I want graphics, though. How about a nice header with a picture of your sweet ass?

Blogger n.v. said...

Awesome template, Toodles. xo

Blogger n.v. said...

I'll be back tomorrow to offer comments of more significant value. Love you!

Blogger tlsd said...

Nope. Not offended. It's a poor ad... but not offensive in the least.

Like the makeover too...

Blogger katarina said...

Hey, it looks different around here.

I'm not in the least bit offended. Women that complain about these things have nothing else better to do but cause trouble.

Blogger Jo said...

My body is WAY better... so I'm not offended about that. As for character? Like men give a shit. (I'm not bitter)

Meh. Not so much. Too much other shit to worry about than some douchebag with a bottle of bourban and too much time on his hands.

Love your new look. Sexay blog.

Blogger Flounder said...

If it weren't for a fine bourbon like Maker's Mark, some of the fat, ugly and boring women in this world wouldn't get any action in the first place!

Now THAT is offensive to women.

Blogger Tumbleweed said...

Hey, if my boyfriend(if I had one) wanted to stick his dick in a bourbon bottle instead of me...then power to him!

Blogger Tumbleweed said...

The blog looks great!

Blogger Übermilf said...

I'm with Steph, hoochie and all the rest. It doesn't offend me, but it makes me think the guy's a dick and it doesn't make me want to drink bourbon.

Some guy at a bar on Saturday said he wanted me to give him a blow job out in the parking lot. I found that offensive. Especially since I had just told him I was happily married and not interested in his advances.

Blogger MsHellion said...

I wish I was as good as Maker's Mark.

Blogger da buttah said...

oh my god i want that poster in my apartment.

Blogger Cold Hands said...

love the new look.

you didnt call me back last night you cunt.

you are forgiven.

Blogger JJ said...

I'm offended, but only because I hate bourbon. It's the whiskey for people who can't afford scotch. I mean, you never hear of people putting Coke in Scotch, right?

Blogger Onyx said...

Umm, I have better things to do with my time than figure out if a booze ad is offensive to women. (Not exactly like every other ad isn't.)

I think perhaps a few of those women need to partake of that bourbon.

Blogger miss kendra said...

i guess i can see why some people might be offended, but i'm not. it's only that particular woman who should be offended, but using that line that's "derogatory" could be seen as antagonistic.

it doesn't make me like that guy, or want bourbon though.

also, i agree with tits and desire graphics. even just a little.

Flounder is my new hero.

Blogger Shannon said...

I'm so offended I don't think I'll ever read your blog again.


Blogger FRITZ said...

I'm offended. Yes. It's true.

Fucking mysoginist world we live in where this kind of shit gets publicity and then some cunt in another advertising office decides to make money on women's emotions by putting out some crap-o-la shit about a product that's better than a man and it's oh-so-pointless and counterproductive and why the hell should I be compared to a bottle of bourbon, anyway? Half the people who pay good money for this shit are such alcoholics they wouldn't care if their girlfriend looked like fucking Pam Anderson without a vocalbox, they're so wrapped up in their booze.

But really. I get offended very easily.

I've missed you, Toddsters!

Blogger Rachel said...

Now why would I be offended? I'm not his girlfriend and I have a great body and fine character.


Blogger yournamehere said...

Maker's Mark has had some good ads. This ad isn't one of them.

I'm thinking most women who are easily offended stopped reading this blog months ago. Or never started.

thanks. One day it will have a header.

"Try our whiskey, ya cunt" was their second choice.
And where the hell have you been? Welcome back?

I was going to fix a Manhattan, but I don't have vermouth. Or cherries. So I drank my bourbon on the rocks.

I am too computer illiterate to mess with the template any further, I'm afraid. I don't want my archives to be translated into Esperanto or anything.

all of your comments have significant value.

the point of debate isn't that some people will find it offensive (because if they do, who are we to tell them to not be offended?); it's a small group telling us that all women are offended by this ad, when obviously this isn't the case.

most ads offend the intelligence of all people, regardless of gender.

your body is way better. And I give a shit about character.

I only spruced up in hopes you'd come by.

it was quite offensive. Good work.

Blogger yournamehere said...

never date a man who can fit his dick into the opening of a bourbon bottle.

that amazes me. Seriously. I've been stink-ass drunk in bars before, and I've never been that crass. I didn't even ask the girl who blew me in a parking lot for a blowjob in a parking lot. She just led me there.
I'm sorry you had to put up with that.

you should punish yourself for not being as good.

da buttah,
I want to be that poster in your apartment. Put it near where you regularly undress. I only say that because I'm a dirty old man.

cold hands,
I haven't been called "cunt" by a woman since grandma died.

Scotch is whiskey for people who think a high price equals quality.
Remember, I work at a liquor store. We sell some scotches for less than ten dollars a half gallon and some for several hundred dollars.
Have you ever tasted a good small batch bourbon, JJ? Try one. I think scotch tastes like iodine and peat moss. And since I used to go to free tastings all the time, I've drank scotches that retail for five hundred dollars a bottle. Yech. Tasted like the ten dollar crap to me.

they need to drink that bourbon until I start to look good to them. That's a lot of bourbon.

bourbon makes me want bourbon.

I used to have heroes but they all turned out to be whores.

if I haven't offended you yet, I probably never will.

finally, someone who's offended. However, I'd guess that ad is about one millionth on your "Societal problems that should be addressed" list.

a guy who dated you would never write that ad, my dear.

Blogger Monalicious said...

The only women offended are likely those with a bad body and no character. Just saying.

Blogger Übermilf said...

Todd, this is the conversation:

Ugly, fire plug guy is putting arm around me. I remove arm and say, "Didn't you just say you had a wife and kids at home?"

UFPG: "Yeah, so?" Moves in for more snuggling.

Me, pushing away, "I want you to treat me like you'd want a guy to treat your wife when she goes out without you."

UFPG: "I'd want her to take the guy out into the parking lot and give him a blow job."

Me: "I'd like to see what sort of mark my high heel would leave in your forehead if you don't back away from me now."

UFPG: Nervous laughter, backs away.

Blogger Brookelina said...

I didn't read the post. I just wanted to comment on how hot your blog looks. Are you offended?

Blogger Crazy Lady said...

My 1st thought was that if he is such a "fan" of Maker's Mark that he has to write in a fan letter to them, then I have to assume that he REALLY is not much of a catch. Why should I be offended by an add? There are far more important things in this world to worry about than a bourbon add.

Blogger n.v. said...

It's offensive if you're in the right mood. Otherwise, it's just unimaginative and the product of obviously-stunted men with too much time and money on their hands. I'm sure they've done studies on who is buying their product, but why alienate an entire sex based on market research alone?

I'm not offended, but the ad annoys me because it ASSUMES I will either be offended or join in on the fun as a female misogynist and laugh. I'm doing neither. I'm also not buying anything they make.

Who else thinks non vocabulum should have just cut to the chase and admitted she was offended?

Blogger Nick said...

No vermouth? What the fucking fuck?

Blogger n.v. said...

Got That Gaying, I won't be buying anything they make because I don't drink. Get that? Good.

Got That Gaying? That was gay.

Methinks the woman doth protest too much. Toots.

Blogger genou said...

non vocabulum -- thanks for your comment. It's oddly similar to what I was trying to post yesterday, until blogger decided it wouldn't let me...

Blogger n.v. said...

Blah blah, Gay.

Genou, I'm sorry you didn't get to make the point first. Cheers!

Blogger M said...

i don't think it is offensive to ALL women. it's offensive to one woman: that guy's girlfriend ...

ps i don't read booze ads anyway. seriously, who cares?

Look, Latin word chick, it's not my fault you haven't gotten over the guilt of losing your virginity to the bad boy in high school an hour before puking your guts out after a whiskey binge. Let it go! I'm sure your current fuck buddy is much more worthy.

Blogger n.v. said...

Todderick, I saw a billboard two cities away advertising in the same vein. It was a Canadian beer company!

Gay, do you have any idea how stupid you sound?

Blogger jAG said...

I'm not offended. Late in commenting, but not offended.

Women need to get over themselves. If they are offended, they are probably not hot, or have bad character. Otherwise, why would it bother them?

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