Monday, August 14, 2006
Worst Post Ever
At last, everything bland and uninspiring about blogs, all in one convenient post!

Lousy meme

1. Name a word that has "e" in it.
2. Think of a number.
3. Are you of the human race?
4. Tag seventy-two people.

Crappy daily activity log

This morning I got up and had breakfast. Then I went to work. I came home and started blogging. I think I'll order a pizza.

Bad poem

oh darkness
why do you
engulf me?

Unnecessary personal revelation

I'm not fond of the way my nutsack looks.

Tasteless musical recommendation

You know who I've been listening to lately? Phil Collins.

Tired political commentary

Well, at least President Bush isn't getting blowjobs.

Reminder of superfluous weekly event

Don't forget, tomorrow is Show Your Taint Tuesday.

Confusing blogger jargon

She pwned rawfle lol:)

Gratuitous flattery

My readers are the best!

And finally...
A picture of a kitten

I had to take the kitten picture down. It was fucking driving me insane.


Blogger Egan said...

What the fuck is this post about Todd? I love the very large kitten picture. You're such a sap for kitties. It's safe to assume you don't like memes or am I reading this wrong? Peace out man!

Blogger Egan said...

...and another thing, you already used the post title "worst post ever" so you will need a qualifier. Damn I love that kitten picture. It truly makes me laugh.

Blogger Crystal said...

Damn. I need to go wax my taint.

Blogger Crystal said...

Oh, and you forgot "100 Things About Me That No One Really Gives A Flying Monkey Fuck About". That's one of my fav-or-rites.

Blogger Phain said...

au contraire mon frère - i loved this post! not sure which was my favorite - toss up between the Unnecessary Personal Revelation or the kitten.

Yep, that covers it.

Blogger MollyNormal said...

Todd this made me laugh all the way through - especially the part about tired politcal commentary!!!

Blogger Übermilf said...

See, now I'm making a mental checklist of all of those sins I've committed. I now realize I suck, and suck mightily.

Years of therapy and self confidence, down the drain.

Blogger EEK! said...

You forgot HILARIOUS anecdote about your kid and its ADORABLE.CRADLE.CAP.SCABS. Now with photos!

Blogger yournamehere said...

do you know all of my post titles? I thought of you while posting the kitty pic.

you should post "100 Ways to Wax a Taint". That's entertainment.

le chat,
I'm not that fond of kitten nutsacks, either.

I guess I should have also flirted shamlessly.

you think all of my political commentary is tired.

if you don't know by now that you're one of my fav bloggers you aren't as perceptive as I thought.

Blogger Übermilf said...

Great. Now I can add "not perceptive" to my list.


(I'm just poking fun at you. I love you, too.)

Blogger Tits McGee said...

Nice pussy.

Blogger Übermilf said...

So, are we all supposed to do that meme or what? I'm confused.

Tits needs to stop being so gross and offensive. Children might be viewing these comments. Ugly children. With cleft palates. And lice. Whose parents secretly hate them and want them to die.

Blogger yournamehere said...

I want to have a kid just so I can bore you with every detail of the child's existence.

you and Kendra should go into the apron selling business. Really.

I'm glad you went there.

you and seventy-one of your closest friends.

Blogger Egan said...

I've memorized everything about you. Hey how's our "friend" Kelli doing?

Ubie, your blog is in good hands.

Blogger Violet said...

I think you're the only person I know who could find a picture of a kitten who is cute, bored, and sad all at the same time. He needs someone to pet him.

Blogger MsHellion said...

I never cottoned to the look of your nutsack, either.

Todd, dearest, you always flirt shamelessly. That would've just been passe.

Blogger sonrisa morena said...

the kitty is sooo cute!!! and i now know too much info about you dude ;-)

Blogger JJ said...

Perfection. Especially the kitten and the poem.

Blogger JJ said...

Oh, and the gratuitous flattery. Of which, might I add, you are the best!

Blogger Ian McGibboney said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Er, I mean, roffle. And lollerskates. And other tired Internet jargon shit.

By the way...I'm just dying to know...Coke or Pepsi???????????????

Blogger miss kendra said...

your poem is like, so good.

you should be a for real poet. like jewel. you totally could be.

that kitten is hot.

Blogger yournamehere said...

when referencing children with cleft palates, please use the less PC term "hare-lip".

Kelli was fired from her job at PF Changs and has a social disease.

it wasn't my intention to find a kitten picture with "meaning".

your husband is now going to kill me for teabagging his wife. Great.

flirting is neve passe, hot stuff.

speaking of flirting shamelessly, how do I say "Shake it, baby" in Spanish?

oh no. You, my friend, are the best.

I know you meant this in jest, but obviously Coke. Only Yankees and hippies drink Pepsi.

my poetry remind you of Jewel's? MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Blogger Übermilf said...

What's with that other stuff the kids are doing these days? wITh RAN-dum CAPs and WEEErd SpElLinGs and ShIIIT?

By the way, I'm pissed off at my sister. I needed a safe place to put that.

I'm so in touch with my feelings.

Blogger Rachel said...

Somehow this works!

Where have you been?

Blogger Cold Hands said...

Show your taint Tues? I had no idea.... I've got to get right on that.

Blogger Flounder said...

Mmmmmmm. Pizzaaaaaaaaaaa.

Blogger sonrisa morena said...

"muevelo, muevelo baby!!!"...are you going to shake it for me?

Blogger MsAPhillips said...

Wow, Todd, totally concise. Why read anywhere else?

Blogger little ol' me? said...

That's all I need to know.................let's run away together.

Blogger tlsd said...

Oh Todds
your humour
engulfs me.

Oh and thanks for the picture of the ginger pussy... nice.

Blogger Princess LadyBug said...

Todd you are the master of all blogging forms. Can I be you when I grow up?

Blogger Burr-ee-toe said...

Ooh, my favorite part was definitely the kitty picture.

Blogger Brookelina said...

Tits said what I was going to say. Damn her and her huge tits.

Blogger yournamehere said...

I just emailed your sister and told her what you think of her.

of course it works. And I've been right here, babe.

cold hands,
that was easy. I should have made it "Blow Todd Tuesday".

you know what goes well with pizza? More pizza.

let's shake it for each other.

I've always said that.

little ol',
okay. Where are we running to?

my humor engulfs you? Wait an hour after eating before you read my blog.

please be me. I'm sick of it.

I'm glad you like it.

never damn anyone with huge tits.

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