Monday, November 27, 2006
Celebrities Against Racism
Celebrities crack me up. I guess having everyone up your ass all day and night can lead to a nasty case of hubris, but sometimes they defy logic with their sense of self-importance.

When Mel Gibson's anti-Semitic tirade was revealed, Rob Schneider took out a full page ad in variety saying he would never work in a film with Mel Gibson. This is the Rob Schneider from such films as The Hot Chick and The Animal. When the fuck was he going to work with Mel Gibson? Was Mel scheduled to direct the last installment of the Deuce Bigalo trilogy? Was Rob Schneider going to play an evil druglord in Lethal Weapon 5? Shut up and make your horrible films, Rob. We know Mel Gibson is a Jew-hating fuck. We don't need your c-list input.

Hey, I'd like to announce publicly that I'm not going to date Jessica Alba because Fantastic Four was such a pile of shit. Ooh, I'm really taking a stand here.

The latest example of Celebrities Against Racism comes from Jamie Foxx. He threatened to beat up Michael Richards for his racist rant at a Los Angeles comedy club. Obviously, what Richards said (and what Mel said) was ignorant and stupid, but Jamie Foxx is just a fucking doucebag.

Is Jamie going to take time out from his busy schedule of thinking he's Ray Charles to fight racism one bigot at a time? Is he going to stop wearing sunglasses indoors long enough to pound every hater in America? Why stop at Kramer? Shouldn't Jamie be going after Mark Fehrman? What about Senator (until January) George Allen? Shouldn't he risk a lengthy prison sentence by punching a sitting U.S. Senator? If he's that serious about beating up the racists, he'll burst into the next joint session of Congress and give Allen a C-Span-televised ass whuppin'.

Sir Ben Kingsley won an Oscar, but he doesn't think he's Ghandi. He doesn't make public appearances or appear on Kayne West CDs as Ghandi. Tom Hanks hasn't played Forrest Gump since the film was completed. Why is Jamie Foxx still milking this Ray Charles thing? Oh, it's because he's an arrogant ass, that's why. Yes, Michael Richards is probably a racist, but that doesn't excuse Jamie Foxx from being a bully and a self-obsessed prick.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

jamie and kanye are both collossal jackasses. I guess it's easy to confuse fame and money with the illusion that your half-retarded opinion means something to people other than the ones you pay to be your friend.

Good Luck Jamie. I have a feeling "Kramer's" rage issue will make him a hardy foe.

Kramer's comments were totally disgraceful. Jamie Foxx is a fucking asshole. Rob Schneider now gives blumpkins at Grey Hound stations for a dollar. Oh, you forgot to put Robert "KKK" Byrd on Foxx's ass kicking list.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

not that i'm defending racist comments that Richards' spoke . He made a complete douchebag of himself as does anyone else who spews shit.

I just think Jamie Foxx is a jackass.
Don't forget Trent "Minority Whip" Lott in the Ass-kick line.

Blogger Spinning Girl said...

Ha ha! (That's all I can manage this morning, but it is the real thing)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard that Val Kilmer still thinks that he is Jim Morrison.

or Ice Man.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well fuck you, Todd. I was about to get on my knees and shout "SHAZAM!" but you can kiss that shit goodbye.

Blogger yournamehere said...

Jamie Foxx is twenty years younger than Kramer; he could kick his ass, but what would that prove?

I apologise for forgetting about Robert Byrd. Foxx should also pound Byrd, who's got to be ninety years old, for being in the KKK years ago. Of course, he "recanted" when he realized West Virginia was going to start counting the votes of black people, but he's still a racist based on comments he's made in the recent past.

oh, I know you're not defending his comments. You're only prejudiced against Southern white people. (kidding)

spinning girl,
I appreciate the early morning laughter.

Val Kilmer is a douche as well. He thinks he's still a twenty five year old Val Kilmer, is his problem.

NO! I, I didn't think I had a chance. Come were BRILLIANT in Fantastic Four. I was joking...I WAS JOKING!!!!

Blogger JJ said...

I've been thinking about the Michael Richards thing and I really don't think he's a racist. He just doesn't have the history to go with a charge like that. I think that if you're frusrated enough (by your collapsing career compounded by a couple of loudmouth hecklers) you can reach for the epithets you think are the worst and as a liberal Jew, the words he used would have only been slightly less powerful than the K word in his lexicon.

Or he's a racist. Who knows? Truth be told, I think we're all racists under the skin. It's just how far under that makes a difference.

Blogger JJ said...

Oh, but the Schneider thing is a hoot and an excellent example of how everyone in Hollywood overestimates their self worth while at the same time suffering from a crippling need for constant validation.

Blogger JJ said...

Oh, and Jessica called... in tears.

Blogger kate said...

does anyone really care about this? please. so someone said the "n" word. that happens all the time because the world is filled with racists. why is it getting so much attention that some celeb said it? he's an ignorant ass.

maybe the media should concentrate on the more important issues going on in the world than on whether this guy's career is going to suffer.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a self-obsessed prick. Oh wait, maybe its obsessed with prick.

either way.

Blogger sonrisa morena said...

you know what really is pissing me even more is the fact that the richards guy went to jesse jackson!!!! what the fuck?!?!?

Blogger miss kendra said...

this is all so stupid.

everyone knows that pretty much everyone hates everyone else.

Blogger Steph said...

Jamie Foxx, with two XX's no less, is a complete mangina owning bitchy boy!

I saw Kanye at the U2 concert and he was CRAP. Fuck off with your metal plated head.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just goes to show you that buttholes come in all colors.

I hope Richards' career is over, not that it was ragin' hot since "Seinfeld."

Blogger katie schwartz said...

viva, how do you really feel? no. really.

Blogger n.v. said...

Jamie Foxx is a dicksucking wannabe Black man. This is what he said when Tookie Williams was on the brink of execution:

Governor Schwarzenegger, we're not trying to push you into a corner. We realize that you have a tough job to do and you're very busy. But in being very busy, you may not get a chance to hear everything with the case. So we don't want you to make a decision without knowing everything. And I'm sure that once you learn everything about this unique case, you won't kill him on my birthday.

What a fucking homo.

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