Saturday, April 12, 2008
The Official Beer of Warm Weather

Yeah, so it was 75 degrees two days ago and 49 degrees today. I'm still prepared to crown Oberon, a wheat beer made by Bell's Brewery, as The Official Beer of Warm Weather.

Why Bell's Oberon? Because it tastes good, god damn it! And when it starts getting all hawt and schweaty you'll want something that isn't too heavy but doesn't taste like carbonated swill (I'm looking at you, Bud Light).

What is your Official Beer of Warm Weather? Or, if you don't drink beer, what is your alcoholic beverage of choice?


Blogger Sevesteen said...

It is really hard for me to tell--My tongue likes new beer--It will often declare "This is the best beer EVAR!", only to change its mind and decide it sucks as soon as I buy more.

Labatt Blue is my "always acceptable" beer.

Blogger John said...

Do they still make Foster's Lager? I always enjoyed an "oil can" of that when it was hot. Haven't been a beer drinker for several years now, though.

Blogger Jeannie said...

Labatt Blue is my fall-back beer too. It's also the one beer that everyone else will drink (guests) with few complaints. There are a lot of small and micro breweries around here and we try a lot of different brews in small amounts but I always keep a case of Blue around.

Of course, I like tequila and fresca too.

I can't drink Labatt Blue after I had 19 "tall boys" of it on Put In Bay near Cleveland. Nearly killed me. I enjoy an ice cold Tecate or Dos XX when it gets hot out.

Blogger Scarlet Hip said...

Foster's is the Schlitz of Australia.

I love icy Rolling Rocks on a hot summer day. Either that or gin and tonic, extra lime.

Yay summer.

Blogger Nick said...

Wheat beer? What's the matter, didn't they have any vomit in a bottle?

Blogger Melliferous Pants said...

I have two official beer of warm weather choices...Pacifico or Pyramid Apricot Ale. Mmmmmm.

This year I plan to give The Peachie a try...blend: frozen pink lemonade concentrate, one whole pitted peach, vodka and ice.

Blogger Ćœbermilf said...

Alcohol will dehydrate you faster in the heat. Unless you add it to Gatorade.

Molson Ice.

Blogger Dr. Chingasa said...

Turbodog from Abita - lots of flavor, light in density.

Or when in the hot sun, on the beach, I like Pacifico with a lime. It's beer flavored lime water. It can fool you into thinking you're not dehydrating.

Blogger poet1b said...

I don't do wheat beers, sorry. When in Mexico, I recommend drinking what ever flavor the local cantina is offering, por favor. When I got money, Grolsch, with the handy closable snap top has to be my favor. I'm a lager fan, what can I say.

Blogger Lee said...

I'm with Sevesteen above: My favorite beer changes on a regular basis. I've recently fallen in love with Rebel Pilsner (despite what the name may make you think, it's brewed in the Czech Republic, not Alabama).

I also really like Shiner Kolsch during hot weather. (Shiner is a Texas microbrew.) Another Texas microbrewer, Saint Arnold, makes a summer brew called "Fancy Lawnmower Beer," which I keep meaning to try.

Blogger poet1b said...

Bass, or Calrlsburg Elephant, or while in Mexico, what ever they are serving. San Miguel while in PI, best stuff on the planet, and their cigars are damn good too.

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