Tuesday, September 26, 2006
My Name is Todd
I recently received more than a few boobie pics for my birthday. I would like to thank the ladies, who shall remain anonymous FOREVER, for their kindness.

However, my new blog friend Katie has reminded me of an even better reason to show your cans: The 2006 Boobie-thon. This is a fund raising event to benefit breast cancer research; which, it pains me to admit, is a much better cause than the celebration of my birth.

Since I believe in karma, and the Goddess of Tit has showered me with riches this past week, I urge everyone to go to www.katieschwartz.blogspot.com and read her post about the Boobie-thon. She even interviews the two women who started it! I'm disabling comments for this post because the time spent thinking of something clever to say to me would be better spent reading about the Boobie-thon.

Damn, I'm one selfless son of a bitch.