Tuesday, December 05, 2006
"My Super-Perverted Sweet Sixteen"

I love these bad album covers. This one aims for the coveted dirty old man demographic.

Julie looks like a happy birthday girl, doesn't she? Who wouldn't want to be the object of John Bult's inappropriate lust?

He's doing this right, though. He took her to a nice place with a piano and tablecloths, he had a mug of beer to steady his nerves, and he's holding her hand as he whispers to her "Whatever you do, don't tell your dad."

This album contained the hit single "She Wanted a New Car; She Got an Old Cock".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

She looks like she just found out he's an uncut thimbledick.

What a Sweet Sixteen bummer.

Blogger Tits McGee said...

At least he waited until she was legal!

that guy sort of looks like an evil leprechaun.

Blogger Monkey said...

Poor Julie.

Who in the name of Sam Hill bought this album? I'm more disturbed than I can express.

Mr Bult: " Look Julie.. Uncle Johnny got you a snake for your birthday .. come open the package"

Blogger Blonde said...

For all that is cunty, where did you get that album???? What do you think John Bult (hickman's john blunt I guess)looks like today?

My Sweet 16 was a happy day and my party was even better. This girl looks like he told her he fucked her dog and killed it...and she is next.

Blogger Brookelina said...

I think this is my favorite post ever.

Blogger miss kendra said...

that should be r.kelly's new album cover.

Blogger Nick said...

Total burn on R. Kelly!

Blogger Melissa said...

I'm disturbed that someone thought this was a photo that would sell albums.
The pervy old guy looks like he's thinking about the price she'll fetch in his white slavery ring when he's through with her.
And poor Julie's got a bit of a downtrodden "Prairie Muffin" vibe about her, doesn't she?

Blogger yournamehere said...

that was last post.

well, not in every state, but in all states where it's acceptable to wear that hat.

there's a jar of vaseline at the end of his rainbow.

did you get the "Sam Hill" expression from living in Kentucky?

that's just wrong.

I'm guessing Mister Bult looks like an old man, but feels like a sixteen-year-old (or two).

really? This was a total last-second rush job.

"Julie's Sweet Thirteen" would be r.kelly's speed.

hell yeah.

it sold well amongst dirty old men.

Blogger katarina said...

I've been in this exact situation. I even owned that shirt.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Todd, is that your prom picture?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually Todd, that is Julie Bult, and he is telling her, "Whatever you do, don't tell your mom."

Blogger JJ said...

I tried to figure out what they were really trying to say with that cover, but all I could come up with is, yeah, what you said. I guess the rules are different in NASCAR land.

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