Saturday, October 27, 2007
The Hillary Bashing Has Begun
I expected the right wing to bash Hillary. After all, she's married to Bill, the guy who had the nerve to govern successfully for eight years. And weren't they a groovy couple?

But the lefties don't like her positions on Iraq. I read a liberal comic strip in which a character says "Hillary Clinton is Rudy Giuliani for people who hate male pattern baldness." That's a funny line, but of course complete bullshit. These are the same people who said in 2000 that there were no real differences between Al Gore and George Bush. Then they threw their votes away on Ralph Nader and have tasted bitter granola for the past seven years.

Moderate Republican blogger Andrew Sullivan is disillusioned by the neocons and may vote Democratic next year, but not if Hillary is running. The other night I heard him call Senator Clinton "Dick Cheney in a pantsuit." Ouch. I wouldn't compare my worst enemy to Dick Cheney.

I'm so confused. Sean Hannity, who really really loves Dick Cheney in a totally closeted gay way, hates Hillary's guts. Just ask him. Either Andrew Sullivan is way off base with his comparison, or Sean Hannity just fucking despises pantsuits. You decide.

Maybe Hillary Clinton is the worst of both worlds: A tax and spend warmonger! Or maybe, just maybe, a lot of people are full of shit.

For the record, I support General Wesley Clark, who isn't running. Or Al Gore, who isn't running. Or Mike Bloomberg, who isn't running. But I'd vote for Hillary, especially if she goes up against Mitt Romney. I'm not a fan of male pattern Mormonism.


Andrew Sullivan is out of his f'ing mind! What he ought to be disillusioned with is the 45% tax bracket he will be in if Hillary or any other Dem wins. What else could anyone expect from the wife of Bill? He drained my bank account of 6 figures in 2000 alone, so it's safe to say Hillary would continue the vicious financial raping of hardworking people like me in the future. And for the record: Us right wingers DO hate pantsuits! (I hope this post solidifies my RWDBOTM award.)

Blogger Übermilf said...

I think Hillary is an opportunistic, entrenched member of the power structure.

Since only opportunistic, entrenched members of the power structure seem to earn nominations, I don't think it matters.

I am going to form my own republic and secede from the union.

Blogger Infidel753 said...

The extreme left and the extreme right both talk about Hillary Clinton as if she were Satan incarnate. She must be doing something right.

I am really going to enjoy watching both fringes go into a state of hyperventilating panic when she is sworn in as President.

Blogger Scarlet Hip said...

I keep forgetting that the election is really all about how much money people can keep in their pockets. Silly me.

I'm going to vote for the person who can make me rich.

Blogger Ian McGibboney said...

VRWC, take comfort in the fact that ALL of us have had our bank accounts drained since 2001 thanks to a certain clown who succeeded Clinton (except maybe for the top 20 percent). And what's left is increasingly worthless as the dollar slides against the Euro.

Hillary is not my favorite nominee. Barack Obama is, or was until he decided to do that gospel thing with the gay-haters. But I've accepted the fact that no one candidate is exactly like me (not even I am all the time), and if Hillary is the Democratic nominee, she will get my vote. The GOP deserves to lose every seat they currently hold, just by association with the reckless, hubristic Bush regime. Many Democrats do as well, for going along with this tragedy of an administration.

If we want any hope of ending this train wreck, it starts with voting Democratic and hoping they stop failing us. It's better than the GOP manufacturing yet another fake mandate from the fear-based 51 percent.

Blogger yourflounderhere said...

Hillary is satan in human form.

If she were to get the nod from the lefties, she'd get rolled like the Rockies.

Blogger Übermilf said...

I change my answer to what Ian McGibbney said.

Blogger Ian McGibboney said...

If Hillary is Satan, what does that make bin Laden? Something less evil, apparently. No wonder the Bushes are more likely to do business with the bin Ladens than with the Clintons.

Tempting though it is, I wouldn't call George W. Bush Satan. Not because I don't think he fits the description, but because such talk trivializes debate. It's hyperbole.

Ubermilf, I have waited for a long time for you to say my name. Thank you!

Blogger Tits McGee said...

I want to make out with Ian McGibboney.

Blogger Ian McGibboney said...

Yes! Anchorman and Facts of Life. My house. Todd will bring the Miller Chill.

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