Friday, December 31, 2010
Happy New Year, Bitches!
So it's been a while, huh? My computer stopped working a while back, and instead of saving money to get a new one, I continued boozing it up and throwing my meager paycheck at accordian lessons. Maybe not, but I've found that my iPod Touch works just fine for interneting and facebookification, so I'm in no big hurry to spend $700 I don't have.

The iPod isn't so great for blogging, though. I started this post a week before Christmas. My chunky fingers are working overtime, fools.

So I guess this blog isn't dead, just mortally wounded. I couldn't let this holiday season end without commenting on the alarming trend of car companies using post-post-post modern bands to sing Christmas songs on their commercials. Hyundai has an annoying guy/girl duo, and they could hipster their way through a steel vault. The girl is adorable - and I'm a sucker for adorable - but if given a chance I'd encase her skinny jeans in concrete and throw her into the Ohio River (or an equally provincial body of water).

When I first heard Honda's contribution to the complete bastardization of all I hold sacred, I thought to myself, "Hmmmm, grating vocals from some whiny-ass honky over what sounds like a rusty hurdy-gurdy machine. Must be Vampire Weekend." And I was right. I've only heard this fucking terrible band a handful of times but I can smell them like a fart in a hot shower.

See you again in the sorta distant future.