Wednesday, June 29, 2011
Not really the end but kind of the end...
In case you haven't noticed, I'm done with this blog. I've actually been done with it for several months, and judging by the lack comments most of the world has been done with it for a couple of years now.

I used to really enjoy blogging. When I lived in Vegas it helped get a lot off of my chest. I got to say really horrible things under the veil of anonymity, which is cowardice defined, but I don't give a flying fuck about being a hero.

Through blogging, I was introduced to a lot of great people from all over the country and the world (there is something about Australia and hot female bloggers). I wish I could say that I was a member of the jetset and got to meet a lot of these fine people in person, but that isn't the case. I obviously met more bloggers when I lived in a popular tourist destination, and to everyone who actually saw me in person, I apologize for not being as entertaining as the blog. As for my looks, well....I warned you.

I am, however, facebook friends with several former blogger pals. If you read this blog and would like to friend me on facebook, email me and I'll send you my full name so you can request me. I don't want my full name associated with this blog for some very obvious reasons. A link to my email address is right here on the front page.

I am not deleting this blog. For one, I don't want to lose the url to a midget porn site or for the business blog of some Vegas douchebag trying to sell you sealskin ipad covers. And sometimes I like to look at the archives. Take care, everyone.

Fake internet love,